GRE Word List - Theme based

Learn & remember 4500+ GRE words easily!

GRE words are of immense importance to all aspirants.

But are you intimidated at the thought of learning 3500+ GRE words?

Well, you're not alone. With more than 3500 GRE words to master, students resort to rote learning and get entangled in a plethora of flashcards. This mindless cramming will get you only so far. Without understanding the meaning and the context of the word, you will forget the words in the longer run for eg. during the exam. Instead of going about learning words without a proper, well thought out plan it would be better if you can list out all the GRE words. You can list the GRE words using some metric, for eg. themes such as society, organization, places etc.

This is precisely what we at GREedge have done. We have created GRE Word List based on themes that help you learn and retain words easily. What we have done is, categorize and list the words according to themes like nature, mood, feelings, attitudes, interaction, actions, places etc. It has been noticed students who associate the words with pictures and themes, retain them for a longer period of time. The GRE Word List offers you the meaning of the word or definition, synonyms and antonyms and picture clues and helps you in guessing the word. However if you can't guess it, don't worry apart from the listed GRE words there are lots of examples involving the word usage that ultimately helps you remember and retain the word.

The categories and subcategories according to which the words are put in the GRE Word List are:

So, now that you have formed a brief idea about the Theme-Based GRE Word List, you must be wondering: How do I put this GRE Word List to use?

We have a solution for that too!

Learn GRE words easily with GREedge Wordbot now

WordBot is a word learning app that makes learning GRE words easy and effective with the help of picture mnemonics, audio pronunciations, synonyms/antonyms and word usage. You could use etymology or word root analysis to remember and retain words too.

Have a great time learning, understanding and retaining GRE words using the GRE Word List.

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