Rapid IELTS (Academic)

A comprehensive IELTS crash course for those who want to score high, fast!

₹ 10000

How is AdmitEDGE Rapid IELTS different?

At GREedge, we ensure that you walk into your IELTS exam feeling fully prepared and confident.

And walk out of your IELTS with your dream score.

How can we be so confident?

Because we have trained more than 35,000 students to achieve their dream score with a unique combination of personalized training through SFAs & advanced monitoring technology through the Learning Tracker. Now, we’re bringing this magic formula to IELTS training as well.

We’ve chalked out the most troublesome problem areas for students & developed a unique training methodology that can:

  • Sharpen your English language skills in your stronger & weaker areas.
  • Provide extensive guidance & counseling during your preparation, throughout.
  • Draw out the best performance from you in every section.

How can we do all that?

What Does The GREedge IELTS Training Provide?

A Personal Expert Just For You
At GREedge, expert guidance is but a phone call away! Be rest assured with an exclusive IELTS SFA to understand your skill levels in various sections & guide you to a victorious score, every step of the way.
Scheduled Practice For Perfection
Do you know the secret to a better hold on English language - practice! But, not just any practice, a systematic schedule that helps you gauge & improve your performance day by day.
1-on-1 Speaking Evaluation For 7+ Score
Talking to an IELTS examiner face-to-face isn’t easy. But, we can help you become a better speaker in just 15 days by mimicking the experience for you. Get coached 1-on-1 on accent, diction & fluency for a 7+ score!
IELTS Style Handwritten Practice & Evaluation
Flawless writing requires more than just videos or concepts. It requires the careful supervision of an experienced trainer along with a word-for-word check for structure, grammar & flow - get it all with Rapid IELTS!

Program Details

A Personal IELTS SFA
12 Effetive LSRW Learning session
20 Speaking Skill Development Exercises
3 IELTS style 1-on-1 Speaking Practice
2 Writing Skill Development Test
10 IELTS type Writing Practice
8 Reading Skill Development Test
5 IELTS type Reading Practice
3 Listening Skill Development Test
5 IELTS type Listening Practice
2 Personlized Mock IELTS tests ( 1-Internet Based & 1-Paper Based)
Expert Evaluation for every Practice & tests


Say Goodbye To Doubts

Have a doubt you can't shake away? Your personal trainer is just a click away! Using our unique learning interface, you raise doubts anytime. Whether you have 20 or 200, your trainer will answer them all in one working day

Closely Simulated Full Length Tests

Get a feel of the actual IELTS right at home! Just like GRE, our smart interface allows you to take full length IELTS style tests for thorough understanding and application of whatever you learn. The test also estimates your best possible score you can get.

Expert Checklist for Self-Evaluation

We know that days leading up to the exam is always stressful! That's why we offer personalized expert checklists so that you can evaluate yourself against it and know exactly what you should revise and which sections you should be careful about.

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