F1 Visa, Trump's New Rules – What Happens to GRE, MS Fall 2021 Students?

In a shocking revelation by the Donald Trump administration, F1 Student Visa was to be revoked for students pursuing only online semesters at American universities. This move was followed by widespread criticism by the international student community. Many also feared that amid the coronavirus scare, F1 students would have to leave the USA.
How does it change your MS in US plans?
In this video, based on in-depth research and first-hand experience of being in the US for more than a decade, Dr. Anand Kannan, Co-Founder & Managing Director, AdmitEDGE, shares his perspective on the proclamation and its impact on future MS aspirants.  He says that the US is the best destination for pursuing MS and that it is safe to pursue an MS starting in Fall 2021.
To know why the US is still the best destination, watch the video!
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