The one-stop Vocabulary App from AdmitEDGE to make word learning simple, smart & Effective. Now you can learn, revise & take tests to retain GRE words better.

Why WordBot?


Learn only the comprehensive list of 1650 High-Frequency GRE words, segregated into wordlists.


Get the Real-Time Statistics of words you have learnt, mastered or forgotten that keeps you motivated.


Retain words better by Learning with pictures, Revising with clues & taking fun tests.

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Systematic wordlists

Words are arranged into 55 wordlists of 30 words based on their order of occurrence in the most reputed sources

Visual Word learning technique

Unique Images associated to the GRE words to make the learning experience most effective and by helping retain better.

Real Time progress Tracking

Track your progress real-time with a systematic and targeted shuffling of words to help you master them!

Don’t just Learn, Tests too!

Take tests on words that you learn on day to day basis and monitor your progress. Unlock new level on learning words

Take Notes

Mark and jot down notes on important words that you may forget or want to learn later.

Free GRE Resources

Get unlimited and free access to exclusive AdmitEDGE webinars, ebooks, videos to help your GRE Preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Browser App different from Mobile App?

The mobile app has the recent most updates with selective high priority GRE Words and arranged in the order of occurrence across multiple reputed sources. The legacy browser app has the GRE words not necessarily in the same order and hence this version will be discontinued on March 31st. In case you have been using this version you can access it here. (Not Recommended)

How are the words arranged in the Wordlists?

Words are arranged in wordlists based on their priority. This priority factor is decided based on the frequency of occurrence across sources such as Barron’s, ETS Powerprep etc. Each wordlist contains about 30 words and is arranged in the top-down level of priority.

How many words should I master?

Wordbot Android App contains 1650 high priority words. It is advisable to master all 1650, as it is already filtered as the Must Know & Essential lists from the Desktop App. The desktop app has cumulative total of 3250 words for students who wish to build their Vocabulary in general.

Is the Wordbot wordlist sufficient for your GRE?

The Wordbot Android App consists of 1650 high priority GRE words and are handpicked by a set of Verbal experts & backed by Data. These wordlists in the Wordbot are all you would ever need to score a 160+ in your Verbal.

How to unlock the levels?

You can unlock successive wordlists by mastering at least 15 words in the current wordlist. Note that only seeing the words will not unlock the lists; you have to master them in the test section.

How do the filters work?

The filters are present in the Learn, Revise, and Test sections. You can use it to selectively display words in any particular category. The goal of the filter is to help you learn every word seamlessly and to move it to the Mastered section.

Can I mark the words to refer later?

If you wish to mark some words for reference later on, you can do so by clicking the bookmark icon. You can mark words from different wordlists and view them all together by selecting the Starred option in the filter.