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Score boost in GRE is nothing new, but a 12 point score improvement is something that makes you sit up and take notice. Shivadutt is just another MS aspirant with big dreams but his achievement is not something you would classify as ordinary. Shivadutt, an ECE student from GITAM University, Visakhapatnam has achieved this feat in a mere 30 days span. Journey from 304 to 316; To find out how he accomplished it and to share his winning recipe with others we decided to conduct a seminar. In this seminar we spoke at length with Shivadutt regarding his mode of GRE Strategies preparation and techniques he followed to get a remarkable 12 point boost in  a month.

On a fine evening on 19th October, our senior GRE expert sat down with Shivadutt and discussed in detail about his GRE Online preparations, strategies undertaken and obstacles avoided during his pursuit for Masters. Shivadutt opens up to senior GRE Strategies expert and speaks about his experiences while preparing for GRE and provides some very useful tips and tricks to the GRE aspirants.

The proceedings of the talk are described below.

Why MS in US

Senior GRE expert: Why do you want to pursue your MS in US?
Shivadutt: I have a couple of sisters in the states and right now they’re engaged in a job. The input I received from their end has been largely positive. The R&D opportunities, infrastructure and highly experienced faculties are some of the things which got me interested for pursuing my MS in US.

"R&D opportunities and experienced faculty, drove me for pursuing MS in US"

“R&D opportunities and experienced faculty, drove me for pursuing MS in US”


Senior GRE expert: Can you please tell us something about your choice of specialization?
Shivadutt: I want to do my MS in Data Sciences. Data Science is a relatively new technology used by MNCs. These companies depend on analysts to predict the outcome and this is what peaked his interests.

GRE Preparation

Getting down to the brass tacks, we asked Shivadutt about his GRE Strategies for preparation.

Senior GRE expert: This is perhaps the most awaited section of the entire event. Would you like to share about your GRE Strategies, your style and mode of preparation.
Shivadutt: I had made up my mind for pursuing my MS in US in 3rd year itself, so I had a clear plan as to when to start my preparation. My semesters ended in April, and in the month of May I had more than 15-20 days for preparing. That’s when I went for my first attempt and scored a 304. But I felt there was no one to help me correct my wrongs. You actually need someone to point out your mistakes. It holds good for both verbal and quant preparation. The verbal section particularly, Reading Comprehension (RC) section troubled me the most. Going through RC was not the issue but coming back to the questions, two or more answers looked similar and thus really difficult to choose. My trainers at AdmitEDGE helped me with detailed sessions on how to choose the correct answers from the lot.

Senior GRE expert: Do you have any advice for GRE aspirants who have their exam in the future?
Shivadutt: You are restrained by time when it comes to RC section in actual GRE. You can’t spend more than 2-3 minutes reading through it. So, apart from understanding and learning the basics, continuous practice is required to do well in RCs and verbal section as a whole.

Verbal Preparation

Senior GRE expert: What were your strategies for tackling the GRE words?
Shivadutt: Preparing with WordBot is one of the strategies I followed and which helped me remember GRE words effectively. WordBot is the place where you get to learn new GRE words. It gives you a specific list of words. Each word has a picture relevant to it and provides you the meaning. It also lists the antonyms and synonyms of the said word.

Quant Preparation

Senior GRE expert: How did you go about preparaing for your Quant section?
Shivadutt:  Quant section basically requires you to understand the concepts and use the correct formulas wherever necessary. But the tricky part is the time constraint that is set. Generally the questions that are said to be difficult are actually so due to the time limitation. One needs to pay attention while going through the question. Take notice of all the small, intricate details like what is required and what units is it required. Once you get that you can come back and solve the problem pretty easily.

AWA Preparation

Senior GRE expert: Speaking about AWA section, can you tell us about your score and how you prepared for it?
Shivadutt: My AWA score is 3.5. My personal trainers helped my schedule a proper study plan. I asked my verbal SFA to go through my analytical writing answers and provide me feedback about the same. My verbal SFA was patient enough to go through the answers on a daily basis, which helped me immensely for the AWA section.

Exam day experience

Senior GRE expert: How was your exam day experience?
Shivadutt: To start with, the day was pretty much simple because I had taken the test once already. The one advantage of GRE is that you get to retake it. There is absolutely no need to be tensed and worried about when it comes to the exam day. Just stay calm, there is always a second chance with respect to GRE exam.

Success Mantra

"Stay focused, stay calm and concentrate on what you're doing"

“Stay focused, stay calm and concentrate on what you’re doing”

Senior GRE expert: Would you like to share your success mantra?
Shivadutt: GRE is the sort of exam where you need to practice a lot, and stay focused. Stay calm and concentrate on the task at hand. Stop thinking about the past sections and how you have performed in them. AdmitEDGE has helped me a lot throughout my preparation and I would like to recommend AdmitEDGE to all my fellow aspirants and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Senior GRE expert: One last thing we would request you to do. Could you please sum up your success mantra in just one phrase?
Shivadutt: Sure. All I would like to say is – Aim for 320 in your GRE, with proper schedule and study plan you can easily do it.

Shivadutt and many students like him have achieved a high GRE score and even went past their target score. If Shivadutt could get a 12 point score boost in just a matter of 30 days, so could you! Get to know about more success stories like Shivadutt’s in AdmitEDGE “Wall of Fame

Shivadutt achieved this with the help of a specially designed 30 days program called onlyGRE. a uniquely crafted program to help the last minute completion and closure of study towards your target GRE score.  It is an intensive, limited batch size, limited duration program with personal coach and online training & practice.

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