The Perils of Preparing for GRE from Books.

In the 1990s books served as the best way to prepare for the GRE. They came at a nominal rate, had decent enough content, had a few sample tests in the end and gave us a fair bit of idea of how the final GRE is going to be. But the keyword he is, “In the 90s”. But currently in the age of smartphones, high speed internet connectivity, cloud storage and digital convergence, is preparing for GRE from books a good idea anymore? Books, though provide the nostalgic essence of the yesteryears, they have this glaring flaw of interacting with a non-living being, depending on it for the most important exam of your life. Books don’t give you feedbacks, books can’t clear your doubts, books can’t plan a study plan for you, books can’t time your tests, and books can’t provide you with expert guidance and motivation. Can Barrons GRE, Kaplan GRE or Manhattan Prep do it?

These flaws, however miniscule they might seem might play major spoilsport during the exams and can crush many aspirants’ MS dreams. We at AdmitEDGE are constantly striving ourselves to provide GRE aspirants all over the world with cutting edge technology, to enable them to prepare for GRE in the most effective manner possible. With the proven Online Training mechanism our students can access our cloud based services from anywhere in the world by using any web browser from any device! Our students armed with next gen technology like Millisecond Monitoring, Learning Tracker, InstaDoubt, GRE Style Adaptive Tests, WordBot, etc. are poised to dominate the GRE every single day! Apart from the geeky technical wizardry, each AdmitEDGE student is provided with two personal trainers or mentors who guide them through every single step in their GRE journey, clear their doubts and give valuable feedback about their preparations.

To know more about this exciting new world of online training for GRE, follow the link and explore the many superb features and benefits that we provide to our students.

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