Top Universities for MS in Electrical, Electronics & Communication

The 19th century ushered in a new era of technology with the introduction of the telegraph, radio and telephone. Nothing was the same ever since. In most ways it was WWII that gave birth to electronics engineering as a branch and computer science as a mother subject. With inventions like Sonar, Radar and communication systems it became a necessity to study and understand the science behind them.

The term electronics engineering came into prominence after the 1950s. Electrical engineering is still used interchangeably with electronics engineering in some academic circles. This is due to the fact that electronics is a subfield of the former.

The Future scope for MS in electronics & communication engineering is appreciable, considering the fact that it includes both scientific as well as mathematical algorithms in the field of communication, enabling service sectors to flourish better. With the rise of manufacturing industries, especially in the developing countries, the demand for engineers with an MS in electronics & communication engineering is increasing. This is mostly due to their growing industries. Pursuing MS in Electronics and Communication abroad not only ushers a vast spectrum of opportunities and choices in your career but would also be a life changing experience, in case you had been studying within your state for the past years. 

Eligibility Criteria








Upto 3

Other Requirements

Internships, Research Work, Projects, Work Experience

When dealing with electrical engineering, the scope is also considerable. Most automobile companies are planning to replace fuel cars with electric engines which could be a sustainable way to proceed to a future. In other sectors such as airport, trade markets which plan to utilize solar energy, require engineers having an MS in Electrical Engineering from reputed industries to facilitate such goals with ease.

Best Time to Apply for MS Admission Abroad

The American academic year is grouped into 4 semesters:

  • Fall: starts in September and ends early January
  • Winter: Between fall and spring (Not all universities have winter semesters due to festive seasons and climatic conditions)
  • Spring: starts in January and ends in May
  • Summer: May or early June and ends just before the fall semester begins.

Most universities for MS in electronics in the U.S. accept applications only two times in a calendar year for the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. Also, some universities only entertain applications for the fall semester. The application process for the fall semester usually starts one year before your joining during October and ends on December or January. 

If you aspire to have an MS in Electronics and Communication abroad, you must at first shortlist the choice of your universities and keep checking upon the updates for application. 

The term electronics engineering came into prominence after the 1950s. Electrical engineering is still used interchangeably with electronics engineering in some academic circles. This is due to the fact that electronics is a sub-field of the former. There are a plethora of opportunities waiting for you once you’re done with your Master’s in Electrical/Electronics and communication engineering. Let’s have a look at the top 10 universities offering Masters course for the related branches!

10. Cornell University:

Cornell University - MS in Electrical

Cornell University – MS in Electrical

With an acceptance rate of 28.4% and abundant funding options like fellowships, Research/Teaching Assistantships, Cornell offers some of the most sought after courses in the electrical/electronics/communication engineering background.

It offers specializations like Artificial Intelligence,Computational Biology,VLSI, Power Electronics, Electrical Power, Master Of Science (MS) and Systems and Networking. If you are aiming for an MS in electronics and communication abroad which will help you get a variety of job options, Cornell University located in Ithaca, New York should be on your bucket list. The tuition fees range around 30,000 USD p.a.

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9.  Princeton University:

Princeton University - MS in Electrical

Princeton University – MS in Electrical

Being an Ivy league university Princeton is synonymous with Research and development in the field of electrical/electronics and communications engineering. Tie ups with prestigious research institutes and organizations enriches the learning experience. Princeton Research Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM), Princeton Center For Complex Materials (PCCM) and Center for Mid-Infra Red Technologies for Health and the Environment (MIRTHE) are some of the programs associated with the reputed university. The acceptance rate is around 10% and with average tuition fees in the range of 38-39,000 USD Princeton.

Degree programs in Computing & Networking, Information Sciences & Systems, Masters in Electrical Engineering, Integrated Electronic Systems and Photonics are the core research areas. Some other disciplines and courses which the faculty of Princeton are proud of are; image processing, signal processing, cutting edge, engineer researching, power electronics and so on. 

Having said that, an MS in electrical engineering from the University of Princeton, would shower you with opportunities and could open up doors to your dream. 

8. Carnegie Mellon University:

Canegie Mellon University - MS in Electrical

Carnegie Mellon University – MS in Electrical

Through international collaborations with other universities, CMU aims at giving an innovative boost to their academics and education style.
SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering is one such collaboration between Sun Yat-sen University and CMU. Acceptance rate of almost 29% and tuition fees in the range of 39,000 USD, + remains to be one of the best choices for anyone fascinated by R&D in the field of electrical/electronics and communication engineering, as well as computer engineering. Apart from VLSI, wireless Networking and  communication, engineer researching CMU has multiple research areas with focus on Computer storage systems, Cyber-physical systems, Mobile systems and Smart infrastructure. With an MS in electrical engineering, electronics engineering or computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, you sure are bound to enjoy the exposure, this university has to provide. The different internship programs offered and the knowledge gathered from the reputed faculty will be of immense help. The students are also empowered with some other courses such as power systems, control engineer researching as well as courses on renewable energy.

7. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor:

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) - MS in Electrical

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) – MS in Electrical

University of Michigan simply referred to as UMich is one of the top notch public research universities in the US. It is the oldest university in the state of Michigan providing a MS in Electrical. With over 40,000 students and close to 7000 academic staff affiliated to science and technology department, the Ann Arbor campus boasts of 3,177 acres. Starting from computer architecture to Plasma Science & Engineering, from Signal Processing and Image Processing to Integrated Circuits & VLSI, from Solid-State Devices & Nanotechnology to Quantum Science & Devices UMich provides a whole lot of options to choose from in terms of Research and Development. The acceptance rate varies around 25% and the tuition fees round up to 42,000 USD. Graduate students have been ever proud of the campus, the different scholarships and programmes associated with the University.

6. Georgia Institute of Technology:

Georgia Institute of Technology - MS in Electrical

Georgia Institute of Technology – MS in Electrical

Georgia Institute of Technology commonly referred to as Georgia Tech is a public research university with research interest in areas ranging from Biosensors/BioMEMS, Neuroengineering, Dependable Computing, Multimedia Networking, Photonics and optoelectronics, VLSI Systems and Digital Design. Among the Universities for MS in Electronics, the Georgia Institute of Technology is extremely reputed for its research scholars, the professors integrated with all the programmes and the graduate students the university produces. Georgia Institute of Technology also has an efficient team of professors in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With an acceptance rate of about 26% for MS in electrical engineering and annual tuition fees in the range of 26-27,000 USD Georgia Tech boasts of a humongous 23,000+ student community.

This institute would be one of the best choices for MS in Electronics and Communication abroad owing to the comparatively lower expense in terms of education and livelihood, as well as having some of the best facilities to look up to.

5.California Institute of Technology:

California Institute of Technology - MS in Electrical

California Institute of Technology – MS in Electrical

California Institute of Technology commonly referred to as Caltech prides itself on a combined 34 Nobel prizes achieved by 33 of its alumni and faculty members for MS in electrical engineering. That speaks leaps and bounds about the scope and opportunities for research and development. Other extraordinary feats include managing  NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory ever since 1936. Another factor that provides a huge boost to R&D at Caltech is the multidisciplinary approach to the field of electrical/electronics and communication engineering. This approach enables the students to study and research in a wide variety of fields ranging from wireless systems to quantum electronics, modern optics, lasers and guided waves, from solid-state materials and devices to power and energy systems, from signal processing to computational vision and engineer researching. A master’s degree in computer science from this reputed institution is also much appreciated in almost all the global firms across the world.  With acceptance rate just above 8% Caltech College of engineering is one of the most difficult places to get into. The annual tuition fees come around 39,000 USD.

4. University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign:

University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign - MS in Electrical

University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign – MS in Electrical

With annual tuition fees of 30,000 USD and acceptance rate of 27% there are plenty of research opportunities in UIUC. Research areas include Circuits and signal processing, Communications and control, Computing systems hardware and software, Electromagnetics, prior knowledge on electrical power and cutting edge, renewable energy, power electronics, optics and remote sensing, Microelectronics and photonics, Nanotechnology, Networking and distributed computing, Power and energy systems and Reliable and secure computing systems amongst others. More than 130 courses to choose from and 100 experienced faculty members with years of expertise among them, what more can any aspiring graduate student ask for. MS in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois is highly recommended and respected from all around the world. 

3. University of California—Berkeley:

University of California Berkeley - MS in electrical

University of California Berkeley – MS in electrical

University of California commonly referred to as UC Berkeley offers a variety of high quality courses for masters and is extremely renowned for being one of the best College of engineering. The courses are catered to both industry-oriented as well as research-oriented students. Among the best universities for MS in electronics, this prestigious university has Collaborations with institutes like California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), Center for Optoelectronic Nanostructured Semiconductor Technologies (CONSRT), Video and Image Processing Lab (VIP Lab), Visual Computing Lab (VCL) and Wireless Embedded Systems (WEBS) gives UC Berkeley that extra edge in terms of research. The duration of these master’s degree courses vary depending upon the course chosen, with research-oriented courses spanning a period of upto 7 years while the industry-oriented courses last for 1-2 years. The main research areas include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Signal Processing (SP), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), engineer researching and Integrated Circuits (INC).
With an acceptance rate of 12.4 % and tuition fees of about 27,000 USD this flagship campus of the University of California system is easily one of the best public research universities in the world.

2. Stanford University:

Stanford University - MS in electrical

Stanford University – MS in electrical

One of the most prestigious and selective colleges in US Stanford remains to be at the pinnacle of research and academics. Apart from association with faculty and alumni who have founded companies like Google, HP, Nike, Sun Micro-systems and Yahoo!, Stanford College of engineering boasts of producing a combined 47 of world’s billionaires and astronauts. The core research areas  concentrate on Physical Technology & Science, Information Systems & Science and Hardware/Software Systems with sub areas such as Integrated Circuits and Power Electronics, Societal Networks and Energy-Efficient Hardware Systems. There are plenty of multidisciplinary research options too in the field of science and technology.
With an acceptance rate of almost 19% and tuition fees of about 44,000 USD the cardinals rank number 2 on our list of top 10 universities for electrical/electronics and communications engineering.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MS in Electrical

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MS in Electrical

MIT is the perfect fit for numero uno on our list of top 10 universities for electrical, electronics and communications engineering. Subject of numerous movies, sometimes portraying the life of a 20-year-old unrecognized genius and sometimes telling the tale of gifted students who take down a casino by their sheer intellect; this university has been as much a part of pop culture as it has been a standout in the field of academics. Apart from research activities this university has had more than its fair share of successful entrepreneurs. With more than 11,000 students and over 1000 academic staff MIT is a pioneer in the field of physical sciences and engineering. The graduate research areas comprise of Integrated Electronic and Photonic Systems, Computer Systems, Networks, engineer researching associated with system and control. Some other disciplines MIT boasts of are Architecture and Bioelectrical and Biomedical Engineering. Electrical and Computer Engineering at MIT is one of the most renowned courses being taught here. 

With an average acceptance rate ranging around 8-10% and annual tuition fees of about 42,000 USD MIT tops our rank of the most prestigious universities for electrical, electronics and communication engineering.

Admission Awareness Evaluation

Admission Awareness Evaluation

These are some of the best universities for MS in electronics, MS in Electrical Engineering as well as computer science. If you wish to wish to pursue MS in Electronics and Communication abroad and looking for opportunities to settle your career straightaway, these top 10 Universities should definitely be in your bucket list. And in case you are wondering which country to target, US or Canada, click here. We hope that this particular segment on top universities in the field of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering was useful and informative. We wish you all the best for your university shortlisting process and happy learning with AdmitEDGE.

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133 Responses

  1. Mr Arshis Rumi Umrigar says:

    Sir I am seeking admission for my Son Mr Arshis R Umrigar for MS in electronics .His GRE score is 305 and Eng aggregate is 78%
    pl let me know which are the universities for his calibre.

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Mr. Arshis,

      It would be inaccurate to suggest universities without a complete profile evaluation including research work, work experience, internships, projects etc. But for a GRE Score of 305, you could consider universities like Florida Institute of technology (safe); New Jersey Institute of Technology (moderate) or University of Central Florida (moderate).

      You can get in touch with our admission experts on our facebook group:

      Any queries from university shortlisting to admission guidance will be answered within 24 hours.

      Good luck!

  2. Ananya singh says:

    Ma’am i’m seeking informationabout the colleges that would be most appropriate for me.
    Gre: V:156 Q:165 awa:3.5
    Cgpa: 8.2/10
    Research on image processing. 3 mini projects.
    No work experience/ fresher.
    What colleges do i have a good shot for?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Ananya,

      If you are targeting Fall ’17 admissions, you are at the right place in the timeline.

      For Master’s in Electronics, you have a strong profile and if you complement this with a compelling SOP, then you can apply to some top universities like University of California, Irvine (Ambitious), Texas A & M University, College Station (Moderate) and The University of Southern California, Los Angeles (Moderate).

      You can talk to our admission experts to understand how to find more top-notch universities that best suit your academic profile and aspirations here:

      Good Luck!

  3. Swapnesh kamble says:

    I have completed my BE in EXTC and planning to go for fall ’17 admissions, so i want tp know what is the minimum acceptable GRE score for getting admissions in one of these universities ?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Swapnesh,

      While there is no definite minimum GRE score that universities accept, the cut-offs based on which applications are shortlisted is based on the overall average GRE scores of the applicants for that admission season. But just to give you a benchmark, the average GRE scores accepted by universities ranked 1 to 20 is 323, 21 to 50 is 315 and 51 to 100 is 309.

      We usually advise our students to target a 320+ GRE score so that they have a good chance at getting multiple admits.

      Though I must point out that since Fall ’17 deadlines are almost around the corner, the sooner you start your prep, the higher the chances of a good GRE score. Keeping that in mind, should you wish to start preparing for GRE, you can talk to a student counselor at GREedge by dropping in your details here:

      Good Luck!

  4. Arpita Sen says:

    My son has a GRE score of verbal 158 & quant 160. GPA score of 9.3/10 & is in 4th yr Electronics & Communication Engg in India & will be applying for M.S. Engg 2017 fall. Which US Universities does he have a good chance of successful applications in? Pls advise. Thanks

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Arpita,

      Thanks for posting your question. Your son’s profile looks promising but I will require more details to accurately shortlist a few universities. I would need his college, the topper’s GPA, the target course and any research/work/internship/project experience.

      Looking forward to hearing soon from you!

  5. Arpita Sen says:

    Sorry, that should be CGPA

  6. Ashutosh singh says:

    I am in 2nd year studing in banglore and planning to complete my masters from us how to start preprations and what are the things to look upto

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Ashutosh,

      Let me first commend you for your focus on higher education!

      If you are planning on pursuing Master’s abroad, the first thing you must clear is your GRE. A high GRE score opens up a wide range of universities that you can apply to, especially universities like MIT & Stanford. They require high scores like 330+ in GRE, along with a strong academic profile, research experience, projects, work experience etc.

      Keeping this in mind, it would be beneficial for you to start your preparations as early as possible and give yourself enough time to achieve a good GRE score! You can visit our website and click on the Sign Up Now button to understand more about how to proceed further with your GRE training.

      Good Luck!

  7. R GANESAN says:

    My son G Karthik has scored 332 in GRE and Engg. Aggregate is 79%. He is 4th year Electronics & Communication Engg in India & will be applying for M.S. Engg 2017 fall. Which US Universities does he have a good chance of successful applications in? Pls advise. Thanks.

  8. Tobi Lekan says:

    Please I want to know what I need to do or have to be eligible for a fully funded MSc in Power Systems. I a currently preparing for GRE. Thanks in anticipation of your response.

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Tobi,

      Thanks for writing to us. We would be happy to help you out!

      I would like to know which countries/universities you are targeting so that I can help you out better!

      For example, if you are looking at the US, then some of the admission requirements would be
      an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3 or above out of 4
      A good GRE score – there are no minimum cut-offs but the average score accepted would be dependent on the university.
      TOEFL/IELTS – depends on your target countries
      SOP & LOR
      It would be greatly beneficial for your admissions if you have relevant practical experience beforehand like research projects, internships or work experience.

      I would also suggest you start your applications early if you are targeting a fully funded course.

      If you want any help with your admissions, you can schedule a call with our student counselors here:

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  9. Premika says:

    Ma’am I m currently in my final year of Electronics and Communication engineering. I have planned to do my Master’s in networking or wireless communication systems. My cgpa is a 7.9/10 . I ve not done any internships or mini projects . Can I take a break for a year and work on a few internships and then take my Gre and apply for the fall admissions’18? Would that be a good choice?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Premika,

      It is always a good move to add work/internship experience to your profile before applying to universities in the US, provided it is in line with the course you want to do. Having some practical experience under your belt will also help you narrow down your long-term goals which will be highly beneficial in writing a strong SOP. However, ensure that you use this time wisely as this will be scrutinized during your visa interviews.

      If you have already worked on a couple of projects, you can take your GRE now and apply. A high GRE score between 310-320+ also work sin your favour during admissions.

      For more GRE & Admission related queries, you can interact with our experts and other MS aspirants on our facebook group here:

      See you there! Good luck! 🙂

  10. adarsh gawai says:

    Hello madam ,i have just completed my bachelors of mechanical engineering from pune university with overall 53% and 22 backlogs and one year gap between my degree. so due to my gap i have done internship in company for 1 year . my GRE score is 306 – quant-158 and verbal 148 ,AWA -3.5 Whereas my IELTS overall score is 7 bands . i want to pursue my master from USA so which good universities i apply?? plzz

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Adarsh,

      After looking at your profile, your GPA is a point of concern. However, you should be able to achieve some good admits provided you target the right universities. Based on your GRE score alone, some universities you can look at are Wayne State University (Safe); University of Texas, Arlington (Achievable) and University of Texas, Dallas (Ambitious).

      You can increase your admit chances if you have a holistic SOP that covers your qualifications and your aspirations. You can find an ideal 20-day timeline to follow for your SOP here:

      Write to us at if you want any further assistance. We’d be happy to help! 🙂

  11. Syed says:

    Iam arif , now iam in 4 rd year
    I have planned to do my ms in computer science .
    And my percentage is 87. And my gre score is 301.
    I have done internship for 6 months and have done many mini projects and robotics project.
    Plzz tell me which university id good for me

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Arif,

      Some achievable to safe universities for your profile might be University of Illinois, Chicago; University of Texas, Arlington and Illinois Institute of Technology.

      Under ambitious category, you can try University of North Carolina, Charlotte. 🙂

      If you want expert assistance to complete your applications in time for Fall ’17 deadlines, drop in your details here: and we’ll schedule a call with you soon!

      Good Luck!

  12. Kalyani Chaudhari says:

    Hello mam,
    I just have completed my bachelor’s in electronics and telecommunication form Pune university with 69%. if I give the TOEFL exam then I am eligible to do the MS or not?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Kalyani,

      If you’re applying to US universities abroad, you also need to write a standardized test like GRE. In fact, most top universities filter applications based on their GRE & TOEFL score before considering other parts of their application. So, in order to be eligible for an MS, you must give your GRE. 🙂

      However, there are some universities in Canada like McMaster University (ranked #92 in the world) that do not have a mandatory GRE score requirement to apply. So, if you don’t want to give GRE or aren’t targeting US for your studies, then do try this!

      If you have any questions regarding preparation or admissions, then do let me know! 🙂

      Good Luck!

  13. Chinmayi says:

    Hello. Can I know the deadlines for tier 2 universities. I m planning to write my gre exam again and would like to know the dates so that I can book my gre exam date. Please reply as soon as possible.
    Thank You.

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Chinmayi,

      I would be able to give you the deadlines if I know exactly what universities you are looking for. Most of the time, the application deadlines for graduate admissions is very specific to the program as well as the university. So, do reply back with your target course and target university. I’d be happy to help! 🙂

  14. Devang parimal vaidya says:

    Dear sir / madam

    i am student of 4th year in EXTC ele and tele com student i would like to go us by 2018 pls can you give the list of state university in usa and gre required score and fess schedule for MASTERS DEGREE in ele and tel com , and list of bank in us finance assistance form US bank so i can plan it thanks in advance

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Devang,

      If you’re planning on Fall 2018 admissions, you’re at the right place. It’s the right time to start your preparation for gRE and then plan out your applications after that. Since you’re targeting MS in Electronics & Telecom, there are many state universities with highly ranked programs like Ohio State University, Arizona State University or Rutgers in New Jersey. However, your first step to shortlisting universities is to have a good GRE score between 310-320 out of 340 because this becomes the first criteria to filter out applications.

      You could also schedule a call with our student counselors to know how we can help you with your GRE & admissions. Just enter a preferred time of call here and you’ll receive a call. 🙂

      Good Luck Devang!

  15. Jashanpreet says:

    Is gre important for ms in Canadian Universities? As in almost all universities gre is not mandatory in Canada

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Jashanpreet,

      You’re absolutely right that most universities in Canada do not have a mandatory GRE score requirement. However, your GRE score is a reflection of your logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities. Both of these qualities are highly important for specialized studies. Therefore, a high GRE score adds a lot of weight to your profile and can increase your admission chances significantly.

      If you’re particularly considering top universities like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia or University of Waterloo, a high GRE score can tip the scales in your favour!

      Good Luck!

  16. Rahul Raman says:

    Hello Maam,
    I am currently in my second year Btech. in Electrical and Electronics in Manipal Institute of Technology. My Aim is to do MS either in Electrical or in Electronics (I have deep interests in Both of them) from a very prestigious college(Ivy league colleges). my present GPA is 7.2/10 (I will work very hard to increase it,as i have 5 more semesters to go). what should be my preparation strategy from now on. please guide me in the proper direction. should I start working on more research papers and what other steps shall i take to ensure an admission in one of the top ivy league colleges as I really want to do research in future and would definately want to do it from the best colleges around the world. thank you!

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Rahul,

      Firstly, let me congratulate you on having such a long term vision about your higher studies. It will prove to be highly beneficial for you to build a solid profile from now on.

      Since you’re targeting top Ivy League Universities, a few things to keep in mind are:
      1. High GPA – As you’ve already caught on, a high GPA will surely help your profile. Target crossing 8-8.5+ within the next 5 semesters.
      2. Research Projects – Getting involved in relevant research projects showcases your passion for research while giving you a first-hand practical training.
      3. GRE Score – Ultimately, a high score will help you overcome any pitfalls you may have with respect to your GPA.

      In fact, GREedge Alumnus, Shantanu Kumar, scored a 314 in GRE with 6 backlogs at the end of second year. Though he cleared his backlogs. his final GPA was 7.5 out of 10. He ended up securing an Ivy League Admit from Cornell University.

      However, I must warn you that, even though Ivy League Universities are prestigious and hard to get, they aren’t the most popular choice for Engineering. (Highest is Cornell University, ranked #8 for Electrical & Electronics Engineering, followed by Princeton, ranked #12)

      If you’re looking for help with your GRE prep, schedule a call with our experts here, at your most preferred time.

      Anyway, good luck! 😀

      • Rahul Raman says:

        Thank you so much for your guidance. 🙂 also can you clarify one more doubt. is there any masters degree program for MS. in Electrical and Electronics , or is it just MS in electrical and MS. in electronics seperately?

  17. Mohit Bhagchandani says:

    Hi Ma’am,
    I am currently in 6th sem of my B.E. in Power Electronics, with a cgpa of 7.96 on a scale of 10 with 4 mini projects and 2 big projects. My gre score is 305 (V148 Q157) and expecting TOEFL score of 90. Which universities would best suitable for my profile if I am targetting Fall’18?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Mohit,

      You have a strong research oriented profile. With a compelling SOP, you might be able to crack otherwise ambitious options. To that end, some universities you can consider are Northeastern University, Michigan Technological University as well as University of Houston, Cullen.

      If you’re looking for expert assistance to help you with your applications, schedule a call here or email us at and we might be able to help you get discounts on our premium admission counseling services.

      Good Luck!

  18. Bhadresh says:

    Can any buddy guide me what all procedures do I need to follow to get into top ten universities mean the admission requirements and all .

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Bhadresh,

      We can surely help you out. The admission procedures for universities depends ideally on the country you are targeting.

      For example, for the US, the admission process is pretty straightforward but it is also extensive.

      To give you a small gist,
      1. You have to research & shortlist universities based on your profile.
      2. Send your GRE score & TOEFL score to your target universities
      3. Draft a compelling SOP
      4. Choose recommenders for your LOR – at least 3
      5. Collect transcripts from your college.
      6. Send out your applications before deadlines!

      If you want to know more about this, please feel free to drop a call at 9884453276 or schedule a call here and we’ll call you at a convenient time..

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  19. prashant saxena says:

    Hello im an.electronics and communication engineering student and im currently going to enter 4th year..My cgpa is 9.5 out of 10..i.recently gave gre and achieved a score of 309..Quants 160..verbal 150..awa 3.5
    I have done 3 to 4 mini technical projects ..Infact I have won the best technical.project award for 2 technical projects related to electronics and.communication..i also have work.experience of working in DRDO delhi in semiconductors.Also I ll.pursue another internship in.electtonics field in the coming month..could you help me with the colleges..

  20. sharon alexander says:

    Respected Madam,
    I am 2nd year Electronics and Communication student, currently my CGPA is 9/10 . I will be doing my minor and major project in coming years plus my university will provide me with industrial training .Will this help me to build a strong profile if I score 320+ in GRE.
    Can i make it to top 20 or 30 universities for higher education in respective field with the above said parameters?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Firstly, let me congratulate you on your CGPA. I hope you continue to maintain it down the lane.

      Since you’re already thinking about GRE, you have a huge head start compared to others taking their GRE later. To that end, aiming, preparing and scoring a 320+ in GRE can boost your chances ahead significantly. Who knows, with the right research experience, you can even target top universities like MIT, Stanford, CMU etc.

      In fact, we have had many students who have made it into top universities because of three things – a high GRE score, a solid research portfolio as well as a persuasive SOP. Focus on getting past the first shortlisting criteria and prepare for GRE diligently.

      If you want to discuss more about this, you can talk to our student counselors on 9884453276 or schedule a call here.

      All the best, Sharon!

  21. Bhulok Aryal says:

    Sir, I have scored 68% in Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering with GRE score 320 and IELTS score with 7. Will I be eligible to apply in MIT? Or please suggest within my standard.

    Thank you!

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Bhulok,

      Firstly, you have a good GRE score, so congratulations on that! While you can try applying to universities like MIT, I’m afraid your admission requirements fall slightly shorter than what they require. However, a 320 in GRE and 7 in IELTS gives you a great chance for any of the top 20-25 universities in the US.

      Depending on the specific field you’re looking to specialize in, i will be able to suggest some universities for you as most US universities don’t have a single course for Electronics & Communications.

      Do reply back and I’ll be happy to help you out! 😀

  22. Rudra Oberoi says:

    Mam my GRE score is 330 and my CGPA is 7.0 after 7th semester. I have 2 research papers (IET) in the field of semiconductor devices. What are my chances for getting admission in top 10 universities in VLSI stream?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Rudra,

      Congratulations on your mighty 330!

      It is of course not possible to exactly determine your chances of admission, but let us go over the admission requirements clearly to understand what’s in your favour.

      1. A high GRE score – You have a 330 score which is excellent!
      2. GPA – This might be a little difficult to bypass. Generally, students who get into the Top 10 universities have a high GPA. But, let’s look at more requirements first.
      3. Research experience – 2 research papers will definitely increase your admission chances, especially if it’s your own research and not a review paper.
      4. SOP – This is where you have to work on the most. Considering your GPA is relatively on the lower side, you must take time and write a compelling SOP that showcases who you are and what you want to do. To learn more about how to craft a great SOP, you can download our free eBook here –>
      5. LOR – Do ensure that whatever you mention in your SOP is reflected in your LORs as well. To that end, choose your recommenders wisely!

      So, to sum up, I would say you definitely have a better chance than a lot of students at getting into the Top 10 universities, provided you work on your SOP & LOR.

      if you’re looking for any expert assistance regarding your admissions, please feel free to give us a call at 9884453276 or email us at!

      Good Luck, Rudra! 🙂

  23. kaur.hs says:

    Sir I am seeking admission for my Son for MS in computer science . He is B electronics and communication engg. aggregate is 8.4CGPA and GRE score is 317.Kindly advice to choose proper universities for his calibre

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Sir/Ma’am,

      Firstly, congratulations on your son’s GRE score!

      Since US universities don’t have a specific course called Electronics & Communication, it would be easier to suggest universities if you can tell us broadly what field your son might be interested in – Embedded Systems, Electronics, Communications, Network Security etc.

      Do reply back and we’ll be able to suggest some universities for him.

  24. Saumya says:

    Hi, I am B.E. from ECE in year 2016 with CGPA of 8.3. I have 2-3 technical projects in Embedded electronics which were a part of curriculum. I have no research experience as such and no technical research papers but I have been working in Samsung electronics as hardware engineer since 2016 as campus hire. By june I would have had 1 year of work experience. I am interested to apply for 2017 fall MS in embedded systems. I am still to appear for GRE. Do you think I can apply for 2017 fall if I appear for GRE in Aug-Sept 2017. And what universities can I get?

  25. Saumya says:

    Hi, I am B.E. from ECE in year 2016 with CGPA of 8.3. I have 2-3 technical projects in Embedded electronics which were a part of curriculum. I have no research experience as such and no technical research papers but I have been working in Samsung electronics as hardware engineer since 2016 as campus hire. By june I would have had 1 year of work experience. I am interested to apply for 2018 fall MS in embedded systems. I am still to appear for GRE. Do you think I can apply for 2018 fall if I appear for GRE in Aug-Sept 2017. And what universities can I get?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Saumya,

      First of all, let me say that potentially have a great profile for admissions into top universities – provided you get a high GRE score, for example 320+. This can help you target top 20 universities in the US for MS in EE or CS depending on your specific skill sets.

      Coming to your admissions, top universities tend to have deadlines starting from December 1st 2017 for Fall 2018 intake. If you’re targeting scholarships, then you should consider applying earlier because priority deadlines start by Oct-Nov for many universities. Ideally, we advise students to keep 4-6 months for shortlisting universities, writing their SOP & LORs, preparing their application as a whole.

      With this in mind, book your GRE date as you also need sufficient time to prepare for GRE & score high! Therefore, we advise students to give their by July-August at the max.

      If you’re looking to talk to an expert regarding your GRE preparation, just schedule a call with us here at and we’ll be able to discuss in detail. 🙂

      Good Luck Saumya!

      • Saumya says:

        Hi, I appeared for GRE (Q:163 V:158) and TOEFL (110). Do you think I should retake the test? What universities can I get with this core to do masters in VLSI/Embedded electronics.

  26. Aishwarya says:

    Hi My GRE score is 322 and CGPA 3.87/4. I want to pursue MS in computer science in machine learning. I don’t have any publications or work experience. What are my chances of getting admission in top 10 universities? I want to apply for fall 18. What else can I do to strengthen my profile?

  27. nehal balki says:

    Hello ma’am ,
    I am a final year electronic and telecommunication student studying in SGGS IE and T Nanded i. My cgpa is 7.7 . I have done 1 month internship in BSNL . I did 1 mini project in my 6th sem . And i am working on major project for my degree . I always wanted to go for MS after . so what should be my next step? How do i prepare for GRE when it will be good time to apply for exam and admission ?

    Please guide me .
    Thank you

  28. Arif shaik says:

    Hello Rajarahi,
    I have done my Electronics and communications engineering in 2007. I had to take up a job right after my education for personal reasons. I have worked in software industry for 4 years in india then got married and after kids i had to take up job for 2 years in US. Now i want to go back to my passion and do MS in electronics. I am lost as to where to start as i dont have any friends from college or job who have done masters in electronics. Originally i was interested in opto electronics and robotics, but are there any courses which would be better with my background?

  29. Jayesh Kumar says:

    Excellent information for students.

  30. s preeth says:

    I am really confused to write either TOEFL or IELTS for US universities.plz suggest me the best..!!

  31. Rahul says:

    Hello,I am Rahul currently in my fourth year of electronics engineering.I have a cgpa of 6.79 and some internship experience.I can get my cgpa upto 7.Is it worth applying for MS in US looking at my scores?If so,what GRE score should I look at?

  32. Prachi says:

    Hello I am Prachi and currently I am in my fourth year of electronics engineering. I have a cgpa of 8.15. When should I appear for the gre exam so that I could go for MS after I complete my B.Tech?

  33. Srinivasan says:

    Hi, My Son has GRE score of 298 in GRE and cgpa of 7.2. He is interested in MS embedded system. please advise suitable university for his caliber.

  34. Aditya says:

    I’m Aditya and currently working as an electrical assistant engineer . It has been one year now . during undergraduate time I had done 4 mini projects , one major project and intership .
    So let me know what are the universities I can opt for pursuing masters in power electronics.

  35. Shashwat says:

    Hii. I currently have a cgpa of 9.51/10 and have score 322/340 in GRE. I am also a part of NGO and perform Social Service (which might add up to my SOP). I currently do not have any research paper published but will end up with 2 of them by the end of MAY2018. How high are my chances of getting into any of the top 10 universities for MS in Networking (Electronics and Communications)?
    Also, how can i ensure a good scholarship for the same?
    if not in the top 10 universities, can i get a scholarship if i take admission into any of the top 25 universities?
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Shashwat says:

      i have also done a research internship at IIT Roorkee and an industrial internship in a leading telecommunication company.

  36. Atish Ghimire says:

    Hello, at present I have cgpa of 3.3 out of 4 in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and have completed 4 major projects with multiple mini projects and looking forward for taking ielts and gre exams. I would like to ask how much score do I need to apply for a better university in the us and what might be my other options. Thank you

  37. Lekha says:

    Sir I have completed my engineering in 2016 in electrical and electronics having 65percent aggregate. Now am planning to do MS ,so what would be the suggestions to me. What ranking I should score for a rough idea and to which university I can apply will be the best for me.

  38. Khushi says:

    I1 m preparing gre for ms in ece.. i completed my btech this year . I want to know at what time i prefer to give this gre exam.. should i give it before december or after it..

  39. SORABH GANDHI says:

    Hi, My GRE Score is 302 ( 160 Q, 142 V and 3 AWA), CGPA is 7.705 out 10 in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Course.
    During my undergrad course, I have done two national level project ( bagged award in one) and an international project ( awarded second place ).
    One summer internship in an embedded product development company during my undergrad course.
    Currently working in an MNC as Embedded Software Developer ( 2+ yrs of exp)
    I want to pursue masters in embedded systems or (CE with specialization in embedded) in fall’18. Can u suggest some good universities for my profile?

  40. Rajat says:

    Ma’am I have been working for about 6 months. My engg aggregate were 64.88% nd will gre in month of Aug. How much should i target to get a MS in Electronics and what colleges i can get.

    P.S- My score in Gre mock was 323. I have done project on adurino and ARM7. Have done internship with Nuvoton technology in ARM7 also.

  41. Priyanka Mahajan says:

    Hello Maam,
    I am 2014 Btech pass-out in Electronics and telecommunication engg with 8.5/10 CGPA, have 2 years of work experience, I want to do MS in US , planning to prepare for GRE, where to start now.? can you guide me on this?

  42. Wasiahmed says:

    Hi,If academic percentage is between 50 to 60 or near to 60 and GRE score is about 320+ is there will be a selection in the good universities..?

  43. Nikhil says:


    I haven’t take any GRE exam yet but i am preparing for that apart i want to know how big score required to get a good university with scholarship. i have around more than 04 years of professional work experience in which 03 years 03 months on the basis of diploma and after that i joined B-tech course & recently passout in 2016 and 01 year experience after B-tech, will any score be counted for my experience ? also i have a major project one mini and two sector internships.
    Kindly help me to figure out this also can i have chances for full scholarship and which session will be good to apply for admissions.
    Looking forward to you response.

    Thanks !!

  44. Nikhil says:

    pardon for addition

    + i have 72.85 % in Diploma (03 years) and 67.4 % in Degree.

  45. Shivam says:

    Respected sir,
    My gre score is 309, toefl score 96
    I graduated in 2016 with 78% in electronics and communication department
    I had a 6 month internship from ISRO and two more research internships
    Also published 2 journals in national publications
    I am looking for masters in wireless communication can you please suggest me universities

  46. Sanvi says:

    Hi team,

    I have completed my in 2014. Have been working in IT from June 2014. Now u want to go for MS in electronics and communication. My CGPA is 8.9 in graduation and 9.7 in puc. Please suggest me the colleges ,respective GRE scores and job opportunities as well. I have work experience of 3 years in IT but not in electronics , will it be a problem.

  47. Vedant Bahadur Srivastava says:

    I am currently 4th year of my with a cgpa of 2.503 which 70% and my 12th percentage was 69.2% and 10th was 89.3%.
    Is there any chance that I can get in Universities like Standford,MIT and University of California even if I score 330+?

  48. aishwarya says:

    if we score good marks in GRE will I be able to get seat in good university? because my aggregate is just 60% .

  49. Mahesh Chandra says:

    Hey, I am currently in my 4th year of Btech ECE and have a GRE score 316, AWA:4.5 and a TOEFL score of 93. I am very interested in doing VLSI and Integrated Circuits in Michigan University. I have done one mini project related to ICs and planning to do my final year project on something related to VLSI. Do I stand a chance? If not, what other universities would you suggest?

  50. Mahesh Chandra says:

    My CGPA is 7.5.

  51. Arjun says:

    Hello, kindly help me decide a very important choice, I haven’t taken GRE yet, hopefully a 315+. I will be trying for intake of 2019 . My cgpa is 7.6 in ECE, calicut University , Kerala. I have started to work in a company of industrial automation and will have an experience of 1 year minimum by 2019 and I am planning to go with my friend who will pass engineering in 2018 and will have an aggregate around 8.9 in medical electronics, hopefully which university is better for us in US to do Ms, in embedded or any good course for that matter, together?

  52. Sourabh says:

    I’ve completed diploma in Electronic and communication
    So I want to go abroad for higher education. Which are the best collages….

  53. Vishnu says:

    Im vishnu from bengaluru Im inrested in knowing the gre and toefl ranking and my engg aggregate % and also for a few reccomendations for joining universities

  54. Seetharaman N says:

    I have a quant score of 169 and Verbal of 155.. Total GRE Score 324.. IIT..With CGPA 8.41..Done Internship with CEWIT and Texas Instruments..
    Have scored above 95% in both Std X and XII also. Looking for doing MS in Electrical. Which are the best ones and the chances.

  55. Shubham says:

    I am looking for fall 2017….my gre is on 1st Nov..I am going to start with my documention within 2 days…I am a fresher(EXTC eng)….I have a fear in mind if I got low gre score …. And if I will retake gre for fall 2018…will all those documention work?????And one more having low gre score can give good University based on sop and lor???

  56. Yashwant singh says:

    Sir / mam
    I am currently final year student of ECE with CGPA 8.3/ 10 , 12th – 91.6% , 10th-93% with 1 mini project , 1 major project and I am placed in a core company so I will be having core industrial experience in embedded systems by the end of next 1 year . What are chanced of my admission in top 5 universities If I get 310+ score in GRE.

  57. Sahithi says:

    I have quant 162 and verbal 141 awa 4 aggregate is 3.15 I’m currently in my final year can i get admitted into ohio state university or ut dallas?

  58. Parthasarathy Iyer says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son has completed B.E. degree in Electronic & Telecommunication in distinction from Mumbai University in the year 2011. Thereafter he has done 4 Research presented and published in the international journals. One of such papers presented is conducted by IEEE and IIT powai. In between he had served for Reliance Communication (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) for short while as Network Engineer. Now he is looking to pursue further Masters or Phd studies in reputed universities abroad who can provide placement after completion of studies. Also, can he get sponsorship based on his research.

  59. Bhavani K says:

    what are the best destination countries for masters for ece students other than US?

  60. liz says:

    could you please evaluate my profile and tell which universities are probable,looking for admission to electrical engineering
    TOEFL above 100

    LOR-IIT Madras professors

    work-INTERN AT


  61. Subbaramireddy says:

    Hi madam.
    I have completed my in ece with 60./.
    I have taken 3years gap from my studies due to financial again i want to continue my further studies by taking gre exam.i want to know is my decision good.can you give me some hope about my future plz

    • Kreddy says:

      Ooko ra endhuku neeku ee lolli. Hai ga poi oorla panchayathulu tenchukunta brathuku. Manakenduku mama ee saduvulu. Avunu mee dantla evaranna pelliki pilla unda?ae matram istharu katnam. Nuvvu mandesthava mama?ae brand subba? Pilla mudduguntadha jara photo pampu

  62. Mini says:

    Hello CGPA was 8.2/9,. Gre- 311 ( Q-163, V-148) and TOEFL-88. I did 3 projects in electrical and electronics arena and 1 intern at BHEL. I have passed out this year and would be having 7-8 months of work experience by the next July..I want to pursue an MS in ELectrical and Computer Engineering..kindly suggest me the best colleges that I can get into..I would be grateful to you for this kind act of yours. ☺

  63. Faye says:

    Hi, my son studied ECE with a third class from All Nations university college in Ghana, what chance does he have to study his MSC in an American university. Am from Nigeria.

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Faye,

      Thank you for writing to us, but we’ll need more information to understand what chances your son has of getting a good admit at a US university.

      Do reply back with your son’s details like:
      1. College GPA
      2. GRE score (if taken)
      3. TOEFL score (if taken)
      4. Research projects/paper publications/internships/work experience
      5. Target course for MS in US

      You can also submit your son’s profile for evaluation and we’ll get back to you!

  64. Vaikunth Patel says:

    I am a second year student doing BE in ECE and I want to do masters in USA.
    As I have interest in CSE too so is it possible for me to do masters in CSE??
    And if it’s yes please guide me in a proper way so that I can start my preparations in that way too.
    And if it’s no then please guide me how to get admission in for masters in electronics in MIT and what are the requirements for it e.g grades, projects work experience etc.
    But please reply…

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Vaikunth,

      It’s great that you’re thinking about your Master’s in your 2nd year itself.

      But let me be very clear, there are two types of universities in the US – one which accepts students from different UG majors and ones which don’t.

      Your first step should be to narrow down universities that do accept students from different UG backgrounds provided they have studied certain pre-requisite courses too, as part of their curriculum.

      So, for example, we’ve had students who have completed ECE and pursued MS in CS in universities like CMU, Suny Brook, UTD, University of Illinois, Chicago etc. However, you must ensure you have a top-notch profile with a high GRE score, work experience, research work etc to increase your chances of admissions.

      If you’re looking for assistance & guidance regarding what opportunities to take up & how to build your profile for MS in CS, you can schedule a call with our experts at your preferred time.

      Good Luck, Vaikunth!

  65. Beena says:

    Please evaluate my profile
    Two conference paper in reputed conference
    GRE 315(expected)
    3 mini projects
    3 recommendation (PHD)
    Participated actively in curriculum activities.

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Beena,

      From the outside, your profile seems good.

      Your admission chances seem to depend entirely on three factors now:
      1. Which universities you’re targeting
      2. What your TOEFL/IELTS score is
      3. How convincing your SOP is

      The weightage of these three points will vary significantly depending on the countries you’re looking at as well. For example, universities in Canada place a high emphasis on your IELTS or TOEFL score whereas for the US, the choice of universities & your SOP will play a major role.

      Good Luck Beena!

  66. Ishita Chausalkar says:

    Hello. I am in 7th semester ECE branch. I scored 301(Q-156, V-145) in GRE with 4.0 AWA. My CGPA is 8.1. I have done 3 mini projects and 1 major project,. Expecting 90+ score in TOEFL. Which universities should i be able to target for fall 2018?

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Hi Ishita,

      You have a pretty good profile in terms of your GPA and project work. However, your GRE score is a bit on the lower side.

      If you are able to retake your GRE and boost your Quant score specifically (~160+), then you can target a wider range of universities.

      Now, when it comes to suggesting universities for ECE, I will need your exact area of interest – for example, networking, communication, VLSI design etc to accurately shortlist universities to suit your profile.

      So, do reply back with your research interest and we will get back to you with a list of universities.

      Good Luck, Ishita!

  67. Avantika Chaudhuri says:

    I’m Avantika Chaudhuri
    Aiming for MS in Embedded Systems Fall 2018.
    Profile details:
    GRE: 310 (V-145, Q-165, AWA-3.5)
    TOEFL: 102
    10th: 90%
    12th: 94.4%
    CGPA: 8.94/10 (VIT, Vellore)
    Projects: 3 Technical projects
    a. Developing Baby monitor. My role to develop algorithm to detect and aware sleeping position using motion Sensors and arduino
    b. Tilt compensated compass using motion sensor and raspberry pi
    c. Final year project. Navigation system using various sensors (like Motion sensor and barometric pressure sensor) using Raspberry pi along with python GUI for users.
    Technical paper: accepted by the journal. Going through check before publishing.
    Internships: 2 internship during college.
    Work experience: 5months and I’m going as Embedded software product developer. Working on phytec platform to develop Direction Finder.
    NGO: for over 2years, I’ve been working with Becoming I Foundation. And represented Vellore branch as City Head.

    Can you suggest some colleges I should aim for keeping my profile in mind?

  68. Sivakumar says:

    Hello mam. I am planning for Fall2018 for MS in electrical engineering in US and I have 6 years of work experience in the relevant field. My GRE score is 301 and TOEFL yet to be given in 2 weeks. Could you suggest me good colleges to which I can get admitted, considering funding?? Thanks in advance.

  69. Manjunath says:

    Hi sir mine gre score is 274 which is the best university to do in us for electrical engineering

  70. Sugan says:

    Good afternoon mam
    I have completed my bachelor of technology in a stream of ECE with a CGPA of 7.48
    Now I.want to do master degree in Us
    So what is the procedure to join best university. Can u guide me

  71. harish kumar says:

    I have completed my btech in electrical and electronics.. I’m I able to pursue ms with 67percent.. would you suggest the universities.. and what should be the score in gre ielts tofel to get admission..

  72. Vamsee says:

    Good afternoon mam,
    I am in final semester currently with cgpa 7.53/10 in electronics and Instrumentation.I had done 2 industrial interns.I want to pursue Masters in control and automation during fall 2018.what criteria is required for me to get admission?

  73. sai teja says:

    i am in 6th semester with cgpa 8.1 in Electronics and communication. i want to do MS in computers side on fall2019. So are there any prerequisites required for applying any university in computers side????? Is it good to take computers rather than ECE side ??????

  74. Omkar Sonmali says:

    I’m in 5th Sem with my avg GPA 6.2. Can you please tell me how do I increase the strength of my resume and how much should I score to compensate for my low GPA?

  75. Sangeetha says:

    Hi I am sangeetha,
    I have a concern regarding my application process for MS in robotics.
    My profile: BE in EEE 2015 passed out, CGPA 9.44/10, with gold medal. Have two years of experience in TCS EIS and General motors.
    I have two IEEE publications, Many robotics/AI projects and Automotive projects at GM.
    I applied for Univ. of Michigan, but have not got any reply.
    I need a help in choosing the best university.
    Also i hve a concern iff robotics course would be the bettr option after working in GM/Automotive or should i take MS in embedded system…..

  76. Amareswar says:

    I have quant marks of 162 and verbal scores of 149 and AWA of 3.5. My CGPA is 7.8. I want to pursue my ms in usa on electrical/electronics. Can you suggest some universities.

  77. linknath surya says:

    hi, Iam surya,
    My GRE scores are : v:148, q:168,anw 3.
    I have cgpa 8.11
    done a project in automation.
    area of interst is VLSI
    which universities can I apply for fall 2018??

  78. Kartik says:

    Best universities for MS in embedded system design and AI in the US?

  79. Saumya says:

    I’m currently in my 8th semester for electrical engineering with an average of 60%.
    I’ve been a part of few technical competitions, done a month long internship and am currently engaged in the final year project.
    I wish to pursue MS in the same field.
    Can you suggest me some decent universities and also the courses for masters or specialisation in electrical engineering?
    Also how much should I aim for my GRE score.

  80. Shubh says:

    Am kind of not known to the procedure and exams which are required to be attended to pursue Ms in top colleges and how and what should I prepare if prior info will be given I will be thankful to you

  81. Raghava says:

    I have completed my Diploma in Electrical Engineering,& can I know that which college is best for me,and I got 82% in my diploma.& Also how much the fee will be??.

  82. N.Joshna says:

    I am pursuing my graduation in the field of electronics. My ambition is to get into MIT to pursue my higher studies.. What is the cgpa required apart from GRE score?What will be the annual fee structure?

  83. shaurya says:

    does the value of undergraduate college matter a lot if i want to pursue masters in USA ?

  84. Rd says:

    I have a cgpa of 8.9 in btech electronics and. Communication. I have 3 mini projects 1 major project, 2 research papers. But I want to pursue ms in computer science in a top ranked university. Is it possible? If yes what should I do?

  85. Aravind Shetty says:

    Can you tell what are the required GRE scores for the above mentioned institutions ?


    Hello mam,

    If we want to take admission for m.s in usa, or any countries then G.RE IS sufficient or I have to give and tofl

  87. R Ramesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    This Is R. Ramesh from India. I am looking forward to continue my MS in USA for the Renewable Energy Engineering. Kindly let me know what are the universities providing this specialization.

  88. Shreyas says:

    I graduated in ECE in 2014 from Visvesvaraya Technological University (studied in Bangalore but not a reputed college) with 76% aggregate percentage
    I have a total of 4 years of experience as hardware engineer (signal integrity domain, primarily related to electromagnetics and high speed design). I have been working in same domain in a reputed networking company from last 2 years.

    I wish to pursue MS in electrical engineering through distance learning programs.
    Which universities are best for online courses? Since I have budget restriction, mentioning typical expenditure (and typical required GRE and TOEFL scores) would be helpful.

    I have not taken GRE and TOEFL yet. What time frame do you suggest to take the exams in 2018 and 2019 1st half?

  89. Dr S P Jha says:

    My son is doing B Tech from NIT Silchar.he is in 7th sem.His branch is electronics nd instrumentation .His cgp is 9.21..He will appear in GRE..He has done few projects.How much GRE score is needed for Stanford nd MIT.

  90. Rajendra Shelke says:

    Sir I am seeking admission for my Daughter Miss Manasi Rajendra Shelke for MS in electronics .His GRE score is 301 and Eng aggregate is 66 %
    pl let me know which are the universities for his calibre.

  91. Prashant says:

    Mam, what is the criteria for availing 100% scholarship in the ivy league universities or the top 20?

  92. srishti says:

    I am a 4th year Electronics and Communications Engineering student from India . I have a GRE score of 320 and an average GPA of 9.36. I have completed 4 mini projects and currently pursuing another project . Can I get an idea in which American universities I need to apply?

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  94. hieetraining says:

    Its really good website. Thanks for Giving comple details about Electrical Engineering.

  95. DINOY JOHNY says:

    Is there any universities admitting by cgpa alone i.e without gre. currently am studying btech final yeaar with cgpa 8.7


    Am in BTech final year in electrical and electronics stream. I Want to do MS in USA.when should I start preparation and do I have any chance to join in fall session

  97. Deepika says:

    HI mam, I am Deepikaa and I completed my graduation with 72 % in electronics and communication in Andhra university.I would like to join in Ms In Us during Fall-2019.I would like to know some colleges in the respective subject for 310 score,so I can apply during the time of my exam as it was free for applying on that day.
    Please suggest some universities.

  98. ARPIT PARTANI says:

    hello mam,
    my name is arpit partani my GRE score is 315
    I want to pursue my career in data science mainly data analytics
    my graduation is in electrical engineering
    1 have 1 research paper
    11 machine learning and deep learning courses
    60 days of internship in data analytics
    which university i should target

  99. Pramod Damodar Kolhe says:

    My daughter has a GRE score of verbal 146 & quant 162. GPA score of 9.1/10 & is in 3rd yr Electronics & Telecommunication Engg from Mumbai, Internships: 2 internship during college & will be applying for Electronics Engg 2018 fall. Which US Universities does he have a good chance of successful applications in? Pls advise. Thanks

  100. Santhoshi Gayathri says:

    I am pursuing electronics and communication engineering , currently in my final year. My GRE score is 314 (V-152 Q-162) .I would like to do Masters in Communication Engineering(preferably Optical Communication). CGPA-8.85/10 . Presented research posters at a couple of International conferences(Won a best poster award when the competition was with PhD students and research scholars). My research area is microwave source generation through optical means.
    What kind of universities should I be aiming at ?

  101. Online Electrical Training says:

    Thank you for sharing this list of colleges..This will be very useful for all who want to make career in electrical

  102. Srirangam Rajesh says:

    Can you suggest me top tier universities in usa with excellent background on embedded systems?

  103. hieetraining says:

    Nice Website it really looks so good. Thanks for giving full information about Electrical Engineering Courses.

  104. Neethu says:

    Hi..I havedone m tech in electronic design from nit with cgpa 7.9 and working with a broadcom for 2 years. I’m interested to do PhD in usa.could you please help me out what are the exams to be written for applying to universities in USA…like gre TOEFL ielts .I don’t have much idea about these exams

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