Best 10 GRE Forums for GRE Prep Discussions

FACT: Between July 2014 and June 2015, there have been 5,76,220 test takers for GRE.

Every year the number GRE test-takers increases significantly because more people realise that a Master’s degree adds more value to their career. But, all GRE aspirants find that they have a lot of questions regarding the preparation and the admission procedures. In an attempt to answer these doubts. numerous GRE forums have come up where students like you talk about the problems they face and also answer queries from other members. The members of such forums consist of all types of students. There are students who’ve just started on their GRE Journey and some who have already taken the test.

These GRE forums give out information for free. But for the very same reason, they are not bound by any obligation to answer questions immediately or at all.

Also, a major disadvantage with online forums is that it tends to be biased depending on individual student experiences rather than offering an impartial view.

So, how can you trust these forums to answer your questions regarding your GRE preparation?

Well, our GRE experts have assembled a comprehensive list of popular forums that can be of help.
The order in which the forums appear has nothing to do with how good or bad the forum actually is.
So, let’s begin!

GRE Forum #1 : urch

Pros Cons
  • It is a good forum which has discussions on questions and doubts ranging from DI and Algebra to Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion etc.
  • Separate subforums for Quant, Verbal and AWA.
  • Forum solely dedicated to your doubts after GRE called “Just Finished My GRE”, where students discuss everything from GRE score to University suggestions and so on.
  • No GRE expert to provide realistic, honest and subject specific answers.
  • The discussion is not always continuous or updated primarily due to the sheer number of posts each day.
  • The analysis of issue topics(AWA) is unanswered.

GRE Forum #2 : Gradcafe

Pros Cons
  • Broad categories for discussion on GRE preparation with comments and questions on several threads.
  • Categories like The Cafe that help you navigate the city, find out libraries and other academic institutes and helps you meet fellow grads.
  • Categories like Applying to Graduate School encourages discussion about GRE scores, Visa interviews and Visits, LORs and SOP drafting, Personal History, Diversity and Writing Samples.
  • Also talks about how to choose between admits and various assistantships/scholarships available.
  • Difficult to navigate. Too many categories to choose from, thus leading to confusion.
  • Absence or lack of subject experts make it difficult to trust the views.

GRE Forum #3 : MS in US

Pros Cons
  • Apart from the regular test preparation, there is a forum dedicated to the profile evaluation, which can be evaluated by other students.
  • It allows you to get the answers to problems related to F-1 visa, visa interview questions and understand the SEVIS fees etc. Also categorized by the Indian cities that you currently reside in.
  • Discusses GRE preparation along with other English proficiency exams. It also provides you detailed information about test date booking, registration etc.
  • Also discusses work permits specifically H1B visa and CPT/OPT opportunities. Followed by which there’s a forum discussing studying abroad in countries other than the US.
  • All of the discussions are between fellow students and the lack of involvement from GRE expert reduces the credibility of opinions.
  • Not all of the questions and queries posted are answered which defeats the purpose of a discussion forum.

GRE Forum #4 : Dr. Raju’s

Pros Cons
  • Forums about GRE preparation with Verbal and Quant topics.
  • Dedicated threads with detailed discussions on F-1 Visas, DS-160 forms.
  • Subforums with GRE date booking and associated procedures.
  • Discussions about SOP/LOR Drafting and University ranking.
  • No clear demarcation between the topics.
  • Difficult to find the information you need.
  • Expert opinion is not available on all threads.

GRE Forum #5 : GRE Prep Club

Pros Cons
  • Forums such as GRE questions and queries with in-depth review/analysis of GRE materials/courses. Also keeps track of discounts offered by any of the programs.
  • A separate forum dedicated to AWA.
  • Separate forums and subforums for Quant and Verbal preparation, questions and other discussions.
  • Option available to ask the experts regarding any of your GRE related queries.
  • Not a lot of discussion on programs offered by universities and admission processes.
  • Not much is discussed about scholarships or financial assistance.

GRE Forum #6 : Edulix

Pros Cons
  • Clearly differentiated forums viz. Preliminary Phase, which includes GRE score, academics and higher education discussion/articles.
  • Forums and threads for profile evaluation for admission season 2016/2017, even for specific courses like MIS, MEM, Bioinformatics, Biomedical and Ph.D forums.
  • Dedicated forums for admission results, visa interviews, immigration and financial aid.
  • Discussion on grad school and miscellaneous forums such as parents cafe, senior’s lounge etc.
  • Limited number of threads and posts about GRE preparation.
  • Experts and experienced members are not very interactive.

GRE Forum #7 : Manhattan Prep

Pros Cons
  • Instructor-assisted forums discussing everything from GRE Math to GRE Verbal to GRE essays and more.
  • Threads and posts regarding your GRE day experience can be shared.
  • You can also write feedback regarding the instructors, bringing any inconsistency in their coursework.
  • Lesser discussion about analytical writing, especially GRE essays.

GRE Forum #8 : immihelp

Pros Cons
  • Threads about GRE preparation and questions such as admission deadlines and questions regarding profile evaluation.
  • Discussion about F-1 Visa, CPT/OPT etc.
  • Forum discussions about Financial aid, LOR and SOP drafting etc.
  • Not much emphasis on GRE preparation.
  • Threads don’t have sufficient data and difficult to find the threads and posts.
  • More discussions on ‘after GRE’ procedures, proficiency tests such as TOEFL and other CPT/OPT opportunities, Financial aids.

GRE Forum #9 :

Pros Cons
  • Informative discussions about GRE verbal topics like essays both issue and argument types.
  • Threads and posts offering in-depth analysis of Reading Comprehension tasks. Along with practice tests from various other GRE sources/materials etc.
  • Help regarding Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence in the form of subforums, threads and posts.
  • Discussions on different topics that are relevant for RC, like literature, science, politics, philosophy etc.
  • This blog can be useful to you if you are looking only for GRE Verbal aid.
  • The complete absence of GRE Quant is understandable as this forum exclusively meets your Verbal needs.

GRE Forum #10 : Physician Assistant Forum

Pros Cons
  • Threads and posts regarding GRE preparation and the importance of various topics in GRE.
  • Posts asking for and offering advice on whether or not to retake GRE.
  • Discussions about schools accepting GRE and GRE Scores required for particular universities.
  • Not enough content and discussion available.
  • No clear cut categories which is a big drawback because topics get repeated and it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for.

This list of online forums has been carefully collated and assembled by our GRE experts. I hope this helps you on your GRE Journey.

Of the above-mentioned list, how many have you come across?

Preparing on your own for the GRE can be daunting and confusing. Especially if you are uncertain about what topics to prioritize or what type of schedule will be most effective for you.

Whilst discussing on forums may help you gain the information you seek, it cannot be substituted for expert guidance. Learning about firsthand experience of other students can help you avoid making some mistakes, but it cannot show you what kind of preparation works for you.

After all, GRE study plans are not a one-size-fits-all!

As a result, you may miss out on your target score by just a few points. This could be the difference between you studying in your dream university or just any other university.

Give yourself the best chance to achieve your target score!

Understand where you stand with our GRE Practise Test.

You can receive expert guidance for all your GRE doubts big or small! Learn how.

Comment and let us know what troubles you are facing with your GRE preparation and our experts will be happy to help!


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