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Ranked as the number 1 public university in New York and 28th in the USA, UB SUNY is the largest of the SUNY system campuses. With an array of courses for every branch of study to choose from, UB SUNY is the largest state-operated institution in the fields of medicine, dentistry, education, business, and engineering; and also features the only state law school, architecture/ urban planning school, and pharmacy school in the state of New York.






University at Buffalo, SUNY, has constantly been ranked among the top 100 universities in the USA and among the top 50 in terms of public universities. Buffalo has one of the best research infrastructures nationally and this is evident from the grants it receives and its placements in the higher echelons of many university research rankings.

The following are some of the points that will be of importance if you are considering UB SUNY as your prospective educational institution:

Section 1: Admission Eligibility for UB SUNY


Section 1: Admission eligibility:

Since SUNY offers a range of courses that one can opt for, admission criteria are specified for different programs for every area of study. However, the basic requirements remain the same and are as follows:

  • GRE Score: 313 (Q: 162; V: 151)University_at_Buffalo_logo.svg
  • TOEFL or IELTS score: 79 or 6.5
  • Minimum CGPA: 3.3 out of 4
  • Tuition Fees: $22,210 per year (full time; out of state)
  • Acceptance Rate: 30.8%


Section 2: Popular Programs, Rankings & Fall '17 Deadlines


Section 2: Popular programs & Fall ’17 deadlines:


Some of the programs that have achieved credit and distinction at UB SUNY have been stated below:

suny buffalo table



Section 3: Documentation Required for UB SUNY

Section 3: Document Checklist for UB SUNY:

Prospective applicants must make sure that they have all the documents needed as specified by the University before submitting the application. The documents necessary for the process are given below.

Online Application

The basic step in every application procedure is the application form. The online application must be completed and duly submitted along with the specific fee. Generally, the application fee is $75 but it may vary depending on your program of interest, so be sure to check the official website of the graduate school. Also note that the admission process at UB SUNY is decentralized, that is, all materials and processing is handled by specific departments, so you must apply to your department of choice.

Official Transcripts

To evaluate your academic performance, the University requires the official academic transcript detailing the record for the entire duration of the Bachelor’s degree (or the latest degree). Since the academic appraisal process varies among educational institutions, the academic documents should detail the marking and grading process. However, do bear in mind that you don’t have to submit these at the time of application. You are required to submit them only if you are asked to after an admission offer has been made.

Test Scores

The test scores, as specified for every course (GRE, GMAT etc.), must be submitted along with the language proficiency scores. You need to send your scores directly from the test centre and they get linked to your online application.

GREedge Admission Tip: Ensure that you spell your  name exactly as given in your passport while booking your GRE date and while applying to universities so as to avoid any confusion while reporting your test scores.

To know how you can book a GRE date, watch our quick tutorial here!

Statement of Purpose:

The main purpose of the essay is for the admission committee to know more about you. In particular, as an international applicant, this is the only opportunity to display your candidacy and send across a message that would ideally have been a part of the interview process.

GREedge Admission Tip: Your SOP is the closest thing you have to a personal interview. At universities like UB SUNY, that generally have a high acceptance rate, a large number of applicants can be expected. In order to stand out from the sea of applicants, it is paramount to focus on writing a persuasive SOP. 

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Letters of Recommendation:

Hearing from the counselors, professors, employers, etc. gives a fair idea to the university about your capability as a student and also a person. Make sure that the recommendation letters are provided on time and adhere to the department-specific formats, if any. The number of LORs that you must send vary by department and program. Generally, most universities request you to have a minimum of 3 LOR’s. 

GREedge Admission Tip: You can pack a significant punch in your application if any of the achievements you mention in your SOP is backed by your referee in your LOR as well. This way, you can add more credibility and provide a holistic perspective to the admissions committee.

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Financial Documents:

All international applicants must document their ability to pay for their living and studying expenses by submitting the necessary financial documents. Some important examples of such documents can be your bank statements.


Section 4: Life At UB SUNY


Section 4: Life at UB SUNY:

UB SUNY enrolls around 30,000 students as of 2016 and there are many campus organizations, sports teams, student clubs etc. that keep the students busy as well as give them an opportunity to mingle outside the classrooms.


UB SUNY’s campuses are primarily divided into the Northern, Southern, and Downtown campuses. Most of the undergraduate academic buildings are located in the North campus and the other two campuses comprise the research/ teaching facilities and the residence halls.


There are more than a dozen residence halls and 5 campus apartment communities. UB is of the opinion that on-campus living will help and motivate students to participate in on-campus activities and should therefore be their chosen form of residence.


There is a wide range of transportation facilities available in the form of buses, shuttles etc. that are largely intra-campus in nature. They are a boon for navigating inside the huge campus and their schedule can be found on the university website.


There is no shortage of dining facilities available at every part of the campus. The list of dining halls, eateries, food trucks etc. is available on the website of the University along with their exact location, menu, and nutritional content.

Extra-curricular Activities

UB SUNY offers a large variety of extracurricular activities for students like sports club, lifetime friendships through clubs, Greek life, community service, leadership, and diversity groups.




With more than 300 clubs and organizations, there’s something for everyone. UB boasts of 20 NCAA Division I athletic programs that compete in the Mid-American Conference, with the exception of women’s rowing, a member of the Colonial Athletic Association.


With a high acceptance rate, amazing job opportunities and ground-breaking research, UB SUNY is a popular university on every student’s shortlist.

Is the University at Buffalo, SUNY the right place for you?

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If you have any questions regarding Fall ’17 admissions, comment below and we’ll be happy to reply back!

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