Is Barrons’ Enough for Your GRE Verbal Preparation?

Over the years Barrons’ GRE has been the Numero Uno choice for many GRE aspirants all around the world. Needless to say, the wordlist of Barrons’ GRE has been the choice of Wordlist for them as an extension of the fact. But how effectively is truly Barrons’ GRE word list? What competitive edge did you get over the tens of thousands of other GRE aspirants if you all are preparing from the same book? How updated is Barrons’ GRE Wordlist? How to keep track of the words that you have learnt and in what order are you planning to learn from the Barrons’ GRE Wordlist? And, is leaning words from a book effective, wise and a 21st century method to prepare for an online exam?

A worthy alternative to Barrons’ GRE Wordlist is AdmitEDGE’s WordBot. Some of the features of WordBot that trump Barrons’ GRE Wordlist are Picture association based learning technology, audio pronunciations, dynamic theme based wordlists, a scientific leaning order and unparalleled portability and convenience. Wordbot sure does have the usual word definitions, words usage, synonyms, antonyms, word associations, figure of speech and all. But the one feature that truly reigns over Barrons’ GRE Wordlist is that it is FREE and can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet from any browser!

To check out more awesome features of WordBot follow the link to WordBot’s official page and also take Gre Verbal Practice Test here!

Also visit: Wordbot

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