7 Shocks of Life when you go for MS in USA

Fast forward 10 years down the lane, when you are settled on the West Coast with a prestigious job, an attractive spouse, and an enviable bank balance! [Yes yes, you also have an accent!]

That’s really the dream.

However, the transformation from Desi to NRI starts much before all that!

Here’s a list of 7 situations that you will encounter in your journey from India to Amreeka!

MS in USA - Curvy Dreams

“Ticket! Ticket! Ticket!’

The incessant nagging from the grumpy bus conductor for your bus ticket is just white noise now. Why would you worry about him when you could be lost in the fantasy of travelling abroad in the company of a cheerful, friendly air hostess?

MS in USA - Cooking Experiments

Mom’s homemade wholesome food”

While we are all quite aware of living without the indulgent experience of home cooked meals, cooking by yourself is a different ball game altogether. What’s cumin? How many cups of water should you put before you boil rice? And for god’s sake, what’s a meat cut?

Messy kitchens, burnt maggi and undercooked chicken will become commonplace and it will be a while before you can whip up Masterchef recipes!

But hey, in our defense, maggi is also cooking only noh? 😛

MS in USA - Get togethers

“Showing off is a rite of passage”

Flying off to the land of Beatles, Michael Jackson and Angelina Jolie is not any small feat. And who better to listen to your daydreams than your buddies? From the weather in Chicago to the beaches of Florida (and the babes of course) and excitement for cheaper Apple iPhones, the conversation is always “US this… US that”

Arre, it’s small price to pay for the endless treats they take out of you anyway right? MS in USA - Las Vegas Dreams

Need I say more?

Be honest with yourself on this one. The majority of the excitement of living in the US is the proximity and the possibility of experiencing the wildness of Vegas! (Take that, Charlie Sheen!)

But seriously, once you do get there, make this trip a part of your MS in US Bucketlist.


MS in USA - Washroom Struggles

If you haven’t already started contemplating this seriously, trust me, you should!

After 21+ years of being accustomed to having a trusty wash partner, switching to a couple of tissue rolls after every nature’s call is definitely different if not difficult!

All the best, soldier!

MS in USA Struggles

“Ma, I’ll be just fine” 

Do moms ever stop worrying?

No matter where you go, be it Mumbai or Miami, your mother’s primary concern is always if you are eating right. Never mind the research paper that needs to get written, you can’t just have a bread sandwich for dinner?

Here, take an extra bottle of homemade pickle. [Because that’s the solution to everything! Jk, we love you guys!]

MS in USA - Struggles 2

“The moment when it’s all so real suddenly”

Amidst all the excitement of leaving to the US, we often tend to forget that we are also leaving an entire family behind. Seeing your mom tearing up, your dad beaming and your friends carrying all your fond memories in their eyes, you realize that they are the most favourite people in the world. And, sharing this experience with them feels so good that you want to stay back, for just a moment.

The boarding announcement reminds you that your MS dreams are waiting. You strengthen your resolve to make them proud and head off to chase your happily ever after!

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8 Responses

  1. Sukrithi Sharma says:

    Wonderful Article…
    Hillarious and the last one got me emotional 🙁

  2. Ankit Shah says:

    Great..cherished these moments.. Recalled all of them..

  3. Ankita Das says:

    That is really sexist 😉
    What if a girl is going for Masters? What about ‘ogling babes then’?
    We girls can’t even take a flight just to stare at men!!
    Nice article 😀 4th one is true. Everything can be adjusted except ‘wash for wipe’

    • Shruti Ganesh says:

      Haha, Ankita!

      Good observation. If only male stewards were common or good-looking enough … 😛

      Glad you enjoyed the article! Keep visiting our blog for expert tips and other fun articles too!
      Happy Learning with GREedge!

  4. Satyajit Sarangi says:

    I’m seriously concerned about wash or wipe situation now. :'(

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