University Review: The University of Texas, Dallas

Have you just begun your application process?

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To help you know your universities better, and smoothen your application process we have a series of blogs covering a lot of elite and popular universities. Coming up first in this series is- The University of Texas, Dallas.

Just read on to know all about The University of Texas, Dallas: right from campus life, campus traditions to ranking and fees.

The University of Texas, Dallas: An overview


Like most of you know, The University of Texas, Dallas is one of the most sought after public research university in the U.S.

Moreover, The University of Texas, Dallas gives you a chance to pick from over 138 academic programs. Also, the campus in Richardson, Texas is the home to over eight schools and  fifty research centers.

Further, the school has been recognized by Carnegie Foundation as the “highest research activity institution”.

With a sprawling campus and world-class academics, UTD is  indeed the dream destination for many international students like you.

Overview of UTD

An overview of The University of Texas, Dallas:

UTD Campus:

The University of Texas, Dallas has a sprawling main campus along with an adjacent leased campus.

Further, you can also visit the Waterview Science and Technology Centre and the Research and operation center, which are adjacent to the main campus.

Moreover, you need not worry about the accommodation on the University campus. There are several apartment buildings that have about 1 to 4 rooms. Apart from the apartment building, you can also access other basic amenities like the volleyball court, outdoor grills, study center and the swimming pool.

Top courses that you can pursue at The University of Texas, Dallas

The University of Texas, Dallas boasts of several mainstream and niche courses that have a ranking below 100. You can take a look at the top programs that University of Texas, Dallas has to offer.

UTD Ranking

Source: US News

Computer Science Engineering:

Computer Engineering is one of the most sought after course in the  University of Texas, Dallas. With world-class faculty and cutting edge research facilities, you will indeed gain advanced knowledge of computer theory.

As a computer engineering graduate student, you will have several courses as a part of your curriculum including Computer graphics, automata theory, Artificial Intelligence (AI), database design, VLSI, Computational Geometry among the several others.

Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering:

Electrical, Electronic and Communications engineering offers state-of-the-art education in the field of electronics and communications.

Further, as an electrical, electronic and communications student, you will learn numerous competitive coursework in the broad areas of communications. Also, you have the opportunity pursue your Ph.D. in microwave systems, VLSI design, power electronics, digital systems among the others.

Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to pursue both telecommunications engineering and computer engineering as an interdisciplinary subject at UTD.

Systems and Engineering Management:

Systems and Engineering Management is another sought after course at The University of Texas, Dallas.

Further, as a SEM student, you will definitely have the opportunity to  not just excel at SEM, but also in the interdisciplinary fields like aerospace engineering, information assurances, and cyber security systems.

With world class education, Systems and Engineering Management will definitely be a great course of choice for you.

UTD Fact-4

Application requirements:

If you are planning to apply to The University of Texas, Dallas, you will definitely be wondering about what the application requirements are. In general, you would want to know about the GRE and TOEFL score requirements.

For a Master’s program at The University of Texas, Dallas you must have an average of 149 in Verbal Reasoning and 161 in Quantitative Reasoning. So, it would be safe if you have a composite score of 310 in GRE. However, the GRE score requirements for individual courses will definitely vary.

In a similar vein, it is advisable that you have an  average undergraduate GPA of 3.4. Also, to be on the safer side, you must score about 6.5 in IELTS. Further, you can also make it a point to score over 80 in the Internet-based TOEFL.

UTD Facts-1

Are you aware of the tuition fees?

University of Texas, Dallas has two types of tuition fee structure like most universities. On an average, a full-time student who is from the state of Texas will have to pay $11,940 as the annual tuition fees. However, the annual  out-of-state tuition fees for full-time students would be around $ 22,282.

On the other hand, as an international student, you will have to set aside a sum of $9,944 for your accommodation and boarding. Further, you can anticipate the books and supply charges to come around $1,300. Apart from the said expenses, you can also keep aside a portion of $3,622 for miscellaneous expenses.


Listen to what Arshita, a AdmitEDGE alumni who is currently pursuing her Master’s at The University of Texas, Dallas has to say about the campus:

“There are no on campus restrictions. Also, the campus has been highly engaging right from the campus orientation. The classrooms schedules are well planned and the classes are lively”


The University of Texas, Dallas offers plentiful fellowships and scholarships. These scholarships and fellowships are awarded on a merit-basis and each of the fellowship has its own requirement. So, as a graduate student at The University of Texas, Dallas, you can definitely consider the following Fellowship.

1.Beecherl Fellowships

2. Lars Magnus Ericsson Graduate Fellowships

Beecherl Fellowships :  

About $4,000 are given out as fellowships for students with active research inclinations. Further, the fellowship is exclusively granted to full-time students who have a minimum of 9 semester credit hours of graduate coursework at UTD.

Lars Magnus Ericsson Graduate Fellowships:

Multiple awards of $2,000 are granted to full-time graduate students. As an international student, you can definitely aim for this prestigious fellowship which is open to all students from around the world. Further, as a Computer Science/ Computer Engineering or Software Engineering student, you can definitely aim for this highly coveted scholarship at The University of Texas, Dallas.

On campus traditions:

As a student at UTD, you will definitely have a memorable time being a part of a plethora of on-campus traditions. Some of the popular traditions that The University of Texas, Dallas follow include: Annual Oozeball Tournament, Welcome Week, Family Day and Homecoming event among the several others.

You can also rub Cecil Green’s statue as a good luck charm before your exams. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to be a part of Holiday Sing event that is convened during the month of December.

Therefore, as a student at UTD, your calendar will be marked with several on-campus traditions and you will definitely have abundant fun.

UTD Facts-3


Dallas as a city has a humid climate and you need not worry much about the same. Also, Spring and Autumn will be pleasant and enjoyable. So, as a student at The University of Texas, Dallas, you will face a pleasant weather most of the time: more specifically between September and December.

Job Opportunities:

As a graduate student at The University of Texas, Dallas, you can be assured of promising job opportunities.

UTD has a dedicated employment service support team that bridges the university employees and job seekers. Further, the employment services team takes extensive care of the employment cycle covering recruitment to rewards.

As a UTD graduate, you can certainly seek help from the employment services team for your job opportunities.

Indian Students at The University of Texas, Dallas:

The University of Texas, Dallas has a diverse group of students from various ethnicity. Also, Indian students contribute a significant share to the student population. Further, there is an Indian Student’s Association, that operates out of the campus. The association extensively helps Indian students in finding the basic accommodation.

As a part of the Indian Student Association, you can organize a host of cultural events. Some of the fun events include- Diwali celebrations, Holi celebrations, DJ Nights. Also,  you can take part in the numerous sporting events the team holds.

Now that you know about the admission requirements of University of Texas, Dallas, I’m sure you would want to know if your profile fits the admission requirement. Don’t hesitate to give our admission counselors a call, who would be more than happy to help you out!Or, is there any other university that would you like to know about.
Do share your views with us and we will give the information about your dream university.

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