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If it has been a while since you started with your GRE preparation, and you think you’re almost ready, it might be time you took a mock test to find out just how prepared you are. In a competitive examination like the GRE, where you have no clue about who are you competing with and what the questions could be, an online GRE mock tests examination is a great way to familiarize yourself with the pattern and duration of the test, as well as find out just where you’re going wrong.

Importance of online GRE mock tests:

Those who have never appeared for a major examination like GRE or have exam-phobia, it is advisable to take up online mock tests and asses your own results. This is how you can improve. Being placed in the exact situation like a GRE exam, you are bound to feel the pressure of completing the test on time and all the while targeting your dream score. This will boost your confidence before the actual GRE examination. This will also help reduce the anxiety level one faces before taking a test.

The most common mistake students make is they prepare for a test section-wise or in bits and pieces. Unfortunately, this does not help in an exam like GRE where time is a vast constraint. During the actual exam, these people get confused about the section and tend to mess up the questions. They also neglect the time factor. Revising via online mock tests is an excellent solution for those who have difficulty in time management.

Listed below are some of the other advantages of taking regular mock tests:

  • Boosts confidence
  • Reduces exam jitters
  • Improves time management skills
  • Gives an overall idea about the question pattern
  • Helps to access the preparation level
  • Pinpoints the weak sections of the student
  • Helps in revising all the sections

When must you take the mock tests?

GRE Online mock tests can be given anytime you feel like, but most importantly, before you appear for the main examination which actually costs you quite a sum. We would actually suggest taking at least 4-5 online GRE mock tests before you appear for the GRE examination.

Where can I find free GRE mock tests?

There are so many free resources available on the internet and below are a few that can be of help:

ETS: The Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organization that conducts the GRE General Test, provides both, the computer as well as the paper-based mock tests which can be downloaded easily. These mock tests are in the same format as the actual GRE, providing the candidates with various question types and giving them an idea about the scoring pattern.  Test-takers can also assess how constructive they are in the analytical writing section. ETS emphasizes particularly on the different quantitative reasoning measures which are an extremely significant portion of the GRE.

Two most important attribute of the ETS are its free services offered, like the POWERPREP Test Preview Tool that helps familiarize students with the question types, test features, and other tools that are available during the GRE General Test and POWERPREP Online Tool where you can easily appear for the online mock test from your home. We advise you not to forget adding these 2 free services in your cart while booking their GRE test on the website.

Where you can access the tests:

AdmitEDGE: AdmitEDGE is an online academy that provides personalized assistance to help you get better GRE scores by providing you with GRE-style mock tests along with completely personalized evaluation. Those who want an intensive revision of the principal concepts of the GRE syllabus must go through the website and check the various programs on offer. This platform also allows students to listen to live webinars and test their knowledge of concepts tested on the GRE, by means of various quizzes. There is a specific pattern of the online mock test that they coordinate in the form of a test series, discussed in details below covering all three sections of the GRE – Analytical Writing, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning!

The mock tests include AWA, Quantitative and Verbal in a style similar to the actual GRE. These help in building a students’ stamina for the four-hour long test and cope up with the different situations that may arise during the real GRE. Scores obtained by students on their mock tests are within +/- 3 of what they score on their GRE.

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Details and features of AdmitEDGE test series:

The GRE Test series organized by AdmitEDGE is the perfect last-minute accompaniment to your GRE prep which would help you get a comprehensive combination of specific sectional as well as fully adaptive mock tests to help you get a feel of the actual GRE.

Who should enroll for GRE Test Series?

Recommended for students & working professionals who:

  • Have almost completed their GRE preparation.
  • Are struggling with time management.
  • Are looking to get as close to the actual GRE as possible.
  • Have previously taken the GRE and looking to boost their scores.
  • Ideal for GRE aspirants who have their GRE date in 2 weeks.

How can GRE test series help you

  • Sectional Tests For Targeted Practice: the sectional tests are designed to address students from different backgrounds. It is acceptable that if you had a maths or chemistry background, you might not be extremely fluent with your English. Or if you had been a political science or say English graduate you might not have a very strong hold with data interpretation. The sectional tests aim to highlight the weak as well as the strong segments of your curriculum so that you can easily begin to focus on the weaker zones and improve faster. 
  • Fully Adaptive GRE-Style Tests: Once you get accustomed to the sections, you need practice and strengthen it. To do this you must  take the full-length GRE Style Test which would further strengthen your time management and also give you an idea of how the test would be like
  • Feedback For Every Question: A subject expert would individually evaluate all your answers and give reasons as to why a certain question is wrong and how could you have corrected it. Similarly, for each verbal section question, you are given personalized feedback as to how could you have performed better. Learn the techniques in both the Quantitative as well as the Verbal section in order to solve each question faster and with precision.
  • Real Time Progress Report: Get an incessant progress report depending on the number of tests you have taken. You might as well compare your own report with those who have achieved your target GRE Score. You will be glad to see yourself climbing up the stairs with the number of practice mock tests from the series.

Why do you need to appear for so many GRE mock tests before actual GRE?

The GRE test series guarantees three advantages of taking an online mock test before GRE:

  • Familiarity with Test software
  • Increasing Speed & Accuracy: Higher Speed and Accuracy is the key for scoring High in GRE and thus with a contiguous practice of the various mock tests within a limited time, you are bound to enrich your speed and accuracy level.
  • Time Management: With two wide sections to complete within a stipulated period of time, it becomes extremely important that you are aware of the value of each minute and how quickly you respond to questions even if you aren’t aware of.

How can you predict your score based on the online mock tests:

In the score prediction panel, you will have to follow three simple steps in order to understand how well you are prepared. The steps are:

  • Choose a score predictor test: You may wish to solve the questions for the quant part which is 20 minutes for 10 questions, the verbal section allows 15 minutes for 10 questions and a combination of both which is 35 minutes for 20 questions from both the sections.
  • Solve GRE style Questions of varying difficulty level: After you are done solving 10 GRE style questions, the website automatically maps your scores and matches it with the previous data of students along with the time they had taken to complete the test. You will thus get a clear idea of how prepared are you.
  • Get personalized expert feedback: When you compare your results with over 42000 students, you can roughly estimate what your GRE Score is going to be. The test series give students an accurate idea of the score they can target on their GRE. Statistically, most students’ actual score on the GRE remains in close vicinity of the scores obtained on their mock tests (+/- 3 points). So, if you achieve a 320 in our tests, you can expect a 317 or a 323 in your actual GRE! Expert advice from personal trainers allows students to understand when they are prepared to achieve their target GRE scores so that they can book their test-date accordingly.

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Benefits from the GRE Test Series of AdmitEDGE:

  • Updated study materials: The expert team at AdmitEDGE work relentlessly to structure new question in a similar fashion done by the ETS to facilitate the aspirants with an updated format. Each question is categorized into specific topics with precise justification to help the candidates deduce them easily.
  • Unlimited doubt clarification: While preparing for an examination like GRE, having ambiguities regarding the type of questions, answering format or even time management is accepted. The professionals (SFAs) in AdmitEDGE, plan to address every doubt with clarity and suggest the best possible measure to help you learn quickly. Personal trainers also guide you with different study materials which help strengthen your concepts.
  • Exclusive access to admission upgrades: While Enrolling with AdmitEDGE for training, test takers are given exclusive access for shortlisting universities, understanding about the application program, which countries to choose from and also perceive about the different scholarship details that are available. There is a separate portal in the website for admission counseling that helps you get accepted to reputed universities all around the world.
  • Prepare for GRE – anytime, anywhere: The best advantage of online practice test is that you do not need to have a separate time and day allotted for the sessions. You may take it anywhere, from any device having a basic internet connection. Most of the students who prepare for GRE are either students of regular universities or working professionals and thus this feature is quite convenient for all.

We wish you all the best in your preparation for the D-day and advice to take as many mock tests as possible to improve on your skills and get a clear idea about the question pattern. Taking approximately 10-20 tests would boost your morale and also help you strategize the timings. When you are ready to update us in the comments about the date you wish to take the GRE Exam. Also, you can leave any queries our doubts in the comments below regarding practice tests.

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