MEM, MIS, MBA: What should I pick? Part 1

Do you want to put your technical skills to a business idea?

Do you wish to learn the nuances of managing a business?

Are you keen on floating your own start-up?

If yes, management should be your choice of study.

Have a look at these popular courses in Management that are designed specifically for engineers like you. Also, the best part about pursuing your management course is that most schools from across the globe accept your GRE scores!

Moreover, you can never run out of options in the field of management. There are several management courses like MEM, MIS, and MBA that offer a challenging and lucrative career. So, go ahead and explore this exciting field and zero in on the right course that you can pick.

Are you aware of these courses?

There are numerous career paths and choices of study for engineers. Be it in the areas of Engineering & Technology or Engineering Management, there are several niche courses that you can pursue. These courses are specifically designed to impart both engineerings as well as business perspectives. Moreover, as a management student, you will have the opportunity to learn the practical aspects of engineering along with core business subjects.

You can have a look at these top three management courses that offer numerous career opportunities for engineers like you. Coming up first in this series is- Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)

Masters in Engineering Management (MEM): This multidisciplinary field of study offers numerous opportunities in the fields of business methods and engineering processes. As a MEM graduate, you will have a diverse range of coursework including new product development, lean improvement, experience design, technology strategy among others.

MEM is the right program of study for all those of you, who want to understand the business aspects as well as the engineering aspects of technology. This program is hence, rightfully called the “Engineer’s MBA.”

Is MEM ideal for me?

    1. If you are someone who can just put things together and integrate technical and business skills, then MEM is the right program for you.

Even if you are someone who wants to learn the tricks of managing a startup and explore technical entrepreneurship, MEM is your right field of study.

  • Or simply said, if you are a skilled engineer who wants to understand the essential principles of a business, then MEM is your appropriate choice of study.


Who should go: MEM

What will my career path be like after MEM?

You have numerous career choices after your MEM. Some of the broad career paths include:

  1. Engineering Project Management
  2. Industrial Management Engineering
  3. Construction Management Engineering

Engineering Project Management : Are you someone who can strategize projects and achieve your specified goals? Do you feel that you have a flair for setting targets and allocating resources for a project?

If yes, engineering project management will gel with your aptitude. As an engineering project manager, you will be chiefly responsible for:

  1. Setting up the strategies and targets for a project
  2. Drawing optimal allocation of input for a project
  3. Charting out a detailed plan to meet the targets

Industrial Management Engineering: Industrial management engineering is one niche field of operation that integrates engineering concepts to the management of people and material sciences. Rightfully said, Industrial management engineering offers you the scope to apply your scientific knowledge to everyday practical problems.

As an industrial management engineer, you will be chiefly responsible for:

  1. Improving the supply chain management of an organization
  2. Enhancing the assembly line of the company and regularly monitoring the progress
  3. Developing the material, logistical, and technological resources of the production system

Construction Management Engineering: Construction management engineering is a professional field of career choice that deals with the creation, up gradation, and maintenance of construction projects. Some of the prominent fields of construction management include maintenance of facilities like the airport, dams, railroads among others. As a construction management engineer, some of your prominent responsibilities will include:

  1. Supervising the lifecycle of a construction project.
  2. Maintaining a variety of project control techniques to keep the construction project aligned with the set goal
  3. Supporting the construction process, and negotiating and discussing with vendors

What will my role be after MEM?

Opportunities are abundant for MEM graduates. Some of the popular and most lucrative career options for MEM graduates include:

MEM- Career option

How is MEM different from other management programs:

  1. Master’s in Engineering Management is often seen as a course that has a wide range of learning methods. Courses for Master’s in Engineering Management are taught through workshops, case studies, and engineering design activities.
  2. As a part of your curriculum, you will use tools like 3D modeling to find solutions to various business problems. Moreover, as a MEM graduate, you will be someone who will comprehend the engineering and business aspects of technology.

What are the best universities for me to do my MEM?

There are numerous universities, and more specifically, top ranking universities that offer MEM programs. Some of the top universities include:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. University of Southern California
  3. Northwestern University
  4. Duke University
  5. Dartmouth College
  6. Cornell University

To sum up:

  1. Master’s in Engineering Management is an appropriate course of choice for you if you want to apply engineering technologies to business practices.
  2. As a MEM graduate, you can be assured of a challenging and lucrative career as a client services specialist, associate consultant, production team leader, and head of a supply chain.
  3. You will certainly not run out of options if you pursue MEM and you will indeed be bagging opportunities from both domains—engineering and business.

Coming up next in this series – Management opportunities for Engineers: MIS

Do you want to know more about MEM? Do you have any queries regarding the GRE scores for MEM? Shoot your questions and our experts will revert back with the answers.

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  1. sai says:

    Can you please categorize universities as safe, moderate, ambitious for engineering management in USA for fall 2017 . I haven’t given my GRE yet, will write by October. Awaiting for your reply as it is very important to know about the colleges that I can apply.
    Thank you

    • Samyuktha Raghuraman says:

      Hi Sai,

      Thanks for writing back!.

      Well, given the fact that you don’t have your GRE score with you, we are unable to classify the universities as safe, moderate and achievable.

      Moreover, to classify any university as safe, moderate or achievable, we will have to consider all factors like your GPA, GRE scores( if available), IELTS/TOEFL, relevant work experience among the several others.

      So, update us on your GPA, Topper’s GPA, Work Experience (in years) and expected GRE scores.

      Do write back to with your details for us to help you out.

      And, All the best for your GRE!

  2. atul says:

    Is work experience mandatory for pursuing mba .I had completed my graduation of mechanical engineering in 2014 but I have not any work experience.

  3. Ajinkya Ambike says:

    Great info regarding MEM.
    Will you please post the same for MIS aswell?
    Thank you.


    I have 318 in GRE. (154va 164qa). TOEFL 105. GPA 8.55 work ex of 25 months in manufacturing industry. Published one international research paper in college. Can you suggest safe moderate and ambitious universities for the profile ?

  5. Likhita says:

    I have
    298 GRE
    92 tofel
    12 months experience
    3.1 GPA
    Can you kindly safe,moderate and ambitious colleges for MIS for fall 2018

  6. mayur says:

    Wonderful article! I have been looking for some information on career in engineering management & it’s scope. I got to know that it has a good scope as it demands it demands a combination of engineering and managerial knowledge. Here after reading your article i am glad to know all vital information about engineering management career. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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