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Australia has become one of the foremost global education powerhouse attracting international students, after the United States and the United Kingdom, providing students with some of the best faculties and a vast range of courses to choose from. Statistics show that students graduating from Australian universities are preferred all around the world for their skills and knowledge. It is also worth mentioning that Australia hosted about 625,000 international students in the year 2017, which was 13% more than the previous year.

Australian universities, with their decent standard of living, offer various courses for foreign students to choose from. In the recent years, it has been estimated that Australia invests about 27% of its expenditure on Research and Development whereas 78% of its expenditure is invested in basic research (Australia, Department of Industry, Science and Tourism, 1997). In the year 2010, the Australian government had raised approximately $2.16 billion for research work in higher education institutions. Having a great demand in the local economic sector, Australia provides good scope for nationals around the world to find abundant career opportunities. Another important factor which drives a huge number of students to this country is its comparatively low cost in terms of education than the US, UK, or Canada.

Average tuition fees for the different courses

  • International undergraduate courses: AU$ 30,840 (US$ 22,170)
  • Post-Graduate courses range between: AU$ 20,000–AU$ 37,000 (US$ 14,400–US$ 26,600)
  • Doctoral (PhD) courses range between: AU$ 14,000–AU$ 37,000 (US$ 10,060–US$ 26,600)


Fee structure and the different scholarships offered in Australia

Another typical feature of the fee structure in the Australian universities is that the tuition fee is not calculated per year; instead, it is calculated per unit. Each unit has a separate band of subjects chosen by the students, and thus, each candidate will have a different fee structure.  Australia also has a higher number of scholarships when compared to other developed countries, mostly aimed at attracting young, talented students from abroad. The Australia Awards Scholarship is funded by the Government of Australia which is available to Australian citizens as well as people from Europe, North America, the Middle East, and more. Another popular scholarship is Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships which is mostly for those wanting to pursue postgraduate studies in Australian Universities. Those who intend to receive a scholarship for their doctoral program may enroll in the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship which offers up to AU$ 15,000 per semester for two years of a Master’s degree and four years of PhD.

Most popular Australian universities for post graduation

Some of the most popular Australian Universities according to global rank for a Master’s program are listed below. If you wish to study in a reputed university in Oceania, these must be some of your first choices. The typical requirement from the undergraduate study is six months to twelve months of full-time study and one to two years of full-time study for the graduate diploma. Admission generally requires a bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma in these institutes.


1. The University of Melbourne

University in Melbourne - Australian Universities

University in Melbourne Australian Universities

Ranked as the 26th best university in the World, it is the best university to study in Australia. With a global score of 77.5, this university is the second oldest university in the country. It hosts 45,000 students and 6,500 staff members; and has 280,000 alumni around the world. Some of the notable alumni members are the famous Nobel prize winners Peter Doherty (physiology and medicine), and the Fellows of the Royal Society David Solomon and David Boger who continue to do their research here. For the different graduation courses, the required IELTS scores are listed below.

  • Postgraduate courses: an overall score of 7.0 in IELTS

You may wish to check out your university’s English requirementsHere” 

Popular Courses in University of Melbourne - Australian Universities

Popular Courses in University of Melbourne


2. Australian National University

Australian National Universities

Australian National Universities

Ranked as the 24th best college in 2019, it aims to continue excelling in the field of Research and Development. It is also home to the highest number of international students from all around the world. This university, situated in the country’s capital Canberra, was originally built as a postgraduate research institute by the Government of Australia. The university also claims to have six noble prize winners as its alumni.  Brian Schmidt, who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics for proving that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, is the institution’s vice chancellor.

For the different graduation courses, the IELTS scores are listed below.

  • Postgraduate courses: Varies among different colleges between 6.5 and 7.0 IELTS score.
Popular Courses Offered in Australian National University

Popular Courses Offered in Australian National University


3. University of Sydney

University of Sydney - Australian Universities

University of Sydney

The oldest University in Australia currently is home to about 43,000 students from around the world representing 134 different countries. About 5 Australian Prime Ministers have graduated from this reputed college. This university ranked 42nd in the world this year (2019). It must also be mentioned that Sydney is the most student-friendly city in Australia.

For the different graduation courses, the IELTS scores are listed below.

  • Postgraduate courses: IELTS score may range between 6.5 and 7.0.
Australian Universities - Popular Courses - University of Sydney

Popular Courses University of Sydney


 4. University of Queensland Australia

University of Queensland - Australian Universities

University of Queensland – Australian Universities

The motto of this university is “by means of knowledge and hard work”, has led it to the 48th position in the world by 2019. Hosting about 38,000 students from around the world, this university has the highest number of PhD scholars. About 14,000 students are enrolled for the different postgraduate courses in the college. This highly reputed institution has been the alma mater of Oscar Winner Geoffrey Rush and poet Bronwyn Lea. For the different graduation courses, the IELTS scores are listed below.

  • Postgraduate courses: IELTS requirements of 7.0–7.5 for some Master’s courses and a minimum of 7.0 for PhD.
Australian Universities - Popular Courses - University of Queensland

Popular Courses University of Queensland

5. Monash University

Monash University - Australian Universities

Monash University Study in Australia

Although based in Melbourne, this esteemed university has five campuses in the state of Victoria and two overseas, one in Malaysia and the other in South Africa. It has approximately 45,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 graduate students enrolled in different courses. Monash also has a research and teaching center in Italy (Prato) and India (Mumbai). Some of the famous alumni members include musician Nick Cave and author Peter Carey who has also won a Nobel.

For the different graduation courses, the IELTS scores are listed below.

  • Postgraduate courses: Master’s programs require an IELTS Score of 7.0.
Popular Courses in Monash University - Australian Universities

Popular Courses in Monash University Study in Australia

Eligibility for Master’s in Australian Universities

  • Most Australian Universities accept the 3-year graduation system for enrolling into the different post graduation courses. For example, a bachelor degree like B.A., B.Com. or B.Sc from India. is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s Degree.
  • However, certain institutions and postgraduate courses require a qualification equivalent to Australian Bachelor (Honours) Degree. This involves 16 years of formal education, implying four years of graduation or an extra year of academic studies after your three-year graduation course.
  • For most Universities, a high first division marks in your undergraduate course from a leading university in India or its equivalent is essential.
  • Since Australia is an English speaking country, it is extremely important that you have taken the IELTS examination and have already scored above 6.5. Having a 7 point in IELTS examination boosts your chances for applying in your work visa.
  • If you wish to pursue a Masters program in Management (M.Ba) in the Australian Business schools, you are required to take the Graduate Management Admission Exam (GMAT). This is not mandatory; however, certain institutions may ask for the score.

Chances for gaining Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia

If you wish to stay back in Australia after completing your studies, you may do so, but you have to qualify for the conditions stated in GSM or General Skilled Migration. The Department of Migration and Border Protection of the Australian Government decide depending on your points test, which grants the candidates points with respect to their educational qualifications and skills.

Requirements for students to qualify for GSM

  • You must have a qualification from any Australian University from which you have studied for at least two years
  • You must be in the age group of 18–49
  • A minimum of 6 in the IELTS exam is required
  • If you have enough skills to get a job on the skilled occupation list, providing for a GSM depends on the country’s employment needs

Improving your chances of being approved for the GSM program

  • Stay in Australia after completing your degree: After completing your degree course from an Australian University, you may apply for an 18-month Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485).  This will enhance your employment experience and boost your score for the Points Test.
  • Climb the qualifications ladder: Having a higher degree in your bag would increase the chances for your stay in Australia. Post graduate studies add 15 points to your GSM criteria.
  • Develop your English language skills: Applicants with an IELTS score of 7 or 8 are given a higher priority over those having a lesser score. A high IELTS score fetches 10 points for (IELTS 7 or equivalent) and 20 points for (IELTS 8).
  • Study in an Australian Institute: If you have been studying on the Australian territory for a period of two years or more, you are entitled to 5 more points. If you have worked for at least 12 months in any regional area, you are automatically eligible for Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). 
  • Consider your age: If you are aged between 25–32 years, you normally get a total of 30 points and those who are above that age group are entitled for more.
  • Gain meaningful employment: The greater your Australian work experience, the higher the points you will be awarded. You may consider gaining some work experience along with the postgraduate degree to opt for the Temporary Graduate Visa. This will add some more experience and give you a higher priority in terms of gaining the visa. Working for a year in Australia usually adds up to five additional points

How to shortlist universities of your choice

Australia has a spectrum of disciplines and we have tried to shortlist some of the best courses that this vast country has to offer.

  1. Management Education degrees
  2. Business Administration
  3. Engineering
  4. Computer Science
  5. Arts and Humanities
  6. Informatics degrees

Prepare to apply

After you select your desired course and university you wish to study in, the first thing would be for you to check the visa requirements. Regardless of your nationality, these are some of the visa requirements you need to focus on:

  • Australian visa authorities recommend students start their application process as soon as possible so they have sufficient time to prepare all documents in advance to their scheduled trip.
  • You’ll have to pay an additional fee for your medical exam, if you are required to take one.
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds: 1,800 AUD/month + tuition costs.
  • Register for a medical exam before applying for a visa.
  • You have to apply for the study visa using the online platform.
  • After you apply, depending on your situation, you may be asked to attend an interview, provide more information, or take a medical exam.
  • Your visa can be processed between 21 and 37 calendar days.
  • The estimated average time of visa processing is 28 days.
  • Your student visa will last for your entire study duration plus 3 months.

Where should you apply for a Master’s in Australia?

Australia, unlike many countries, has a well-organized website portal for almost everything. Dedicated websites for application to courses and institution is easily available. More so, if you face any difficulties regarding your application process or have any further queries, such as where should you stay and financial inquiries, you may just drop in an e-mail to their application centers.  The link posted below may be beneficial if you wish to begin applying now.

Required application documents

General application documents

No matter which country you belong to and which subject you opt to study, you are supposed to submit some of the official academic documents and your previous certificates awarded. Some of the documents are listed below:

  • Your personal details
  • Certified proof of your level of English language proficiency
  • A summary of your employment experience (if applicable)
  • A non-refundable application fee

Specific entry requirements

In some exceptional conditions, you may be required to submit another set of details, which include:

  • Official proof that you changed your name, if you got married, or if you adopted a new identity to fight crime
  • Your final grades, if you applied before your final exams
  • Official certified translations, if your documents are in a language other than English. You have to go to authorized translators, seeing how simple documents won’t cut it.

Academic requirements

Once you have selected your university and Master’s course that you wish to study, these are some of the academic details you must submit as a record.

  • Standard X Mark sheet
  • Standard XII Mark sheet
  • Bachelor’s degree / Provisional certificate with mark sheet

Note: If the relevant documents are not in English language, they must be translated into English and should be bundled with the certified copies of the originals (certified by a person or agency recognized by the law or government of that country).

University application deadlines for Australia

Different Australian universities have a different set of deadlines. You need to visit their website and research on when to submit your details and note down the dates. It is always better to apply beforehand so that you have time. Two most important sessions for applying are mentioned below:

  • Late October – mid-November: Application period for the first semester
  • Mid-April – mid-May: Application period for the second semester

We wish you all the very best for your academic career in Australia. The country offers a number of job opportunities, if you wish to settle here and become a permanent resident.

Another last reminder, we advise you to begin applying for the student visa as soon as possible. The sooner you apply, the greater are your chances of getting accepted and even applying for an Australian scholarship with the information provided in the blog. If there is anything more you may need to ask, please feel free to write it down in the comments below.





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