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AdmitEDGE is a Guidance Platform for Admissions, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and other programs. AdmitEDGE provides one-on-one, data-driven personal attention in their counseling and training.

Personal attention to individual skill levels, learning styles, daily schedules, and specific ambitions has been the hallmark of AdmitEDGE for over a decade.

To ensure that every student gets the best admit for their profile, we use a unique combination of personalized assistance and technological expertise. Our Admissions Experts, known as ASFAs and Global University Database, and the AdmitEDGE Admission Tracker, together make your entire applications process easy, systematic, and extremely convenient!

The Guidance Platform, advanced software and data analysis setup caters to various stages of the student life-cycle through interfaces such as the Admission Tracker, Learning Tracker, and WordBot.

A one-stop, one-on-one shop for all things needed to get the best Admit for your profile, including good Scores, good Band, good advice, good technology, and good wishes.

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Meet the Management Team

Valued Epistemics Pvt. Ltd, providers of AdmitEDGE, is an organization headed by a team of veterans in the fields of technology, research and academia with global exposure and a holistic understanding of education.

Anand Kannan, Managing Director and Co-founder

Anand Kannan has a B.Tech degree from IIT, Madras, India, MSc(Engg) degree from IISc, Bangalore, India and PhD from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.

He has worked with Nokia as part of its Research Center in Irving, Texas for several years. He also worked at Arraycomm Inc in San Jose, California during its start-up days. During his tenure in Nokia, he was involved in several projects in Wireless LAN research, GSM and CDMA radio technology, entry-level mobile application development and business model development for low-income markets.

Anand's interests lie in economics, entrepreneurship, management, cognition, computing, communication technology, system development, digital signal processing, algorithm and architecture development.

Yogish Lavanis, Director & Co-founder

Yogish has a B.Tech degree from IT-BHU, Varanasi, India and MSc(Engg) degree from IISc, Bangalore, India.

He has worked in companies such as Tata-Elxsi and C-DoT as Research Engineer. At Motorola, he researched protocol engineering, architecture and design for GSM, UMTS, WAP technologies. At Motorola, he received the Chairman of the Board's challenge award.

His interests are in mobile and cellular communication technologies, system engineering and mobile applications for productive and positive usage in the Indian Market.

Yogish is also deeply interested in the visual arts - photography, painting, architecture and sculpture.

Prof. Shreesh Chaudhary, Member, Technical Advisory Board

Prof. Shreesh Chaudhary holds a Ph.D. in English Phonology from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. He holds several years of experience, working in the capacity of a Professor of English and Linguistics at IIT, Madras. His passion for the English language has made him undertake several linguistic voyages including public surveys, research, journalism, and training programs. He has been an ex-examiner of IELTS® for over 10 years with British Council with more than 30 years of experience in IELTS® training. He was an examiner trainer, examiner team leader & examiner monitor for the IELTS® examination in India.

He has authored several popular works of literature on Linguistics and Phonology, which include Some Aspects of the Phonology of Indian English, Better Spoken English, Foreigners and Foreign Languages in India: A Sociolinguistic History, and English for the World.

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