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Looking for a free GRE® course with ample practice questions? Do you wish to know where you stand in terms of taking up the GRE test?

Here is a suite of GRE lessons and practice questions, together with a sample test in a simulated GRE environment. All these are available to you absolutely free!

Free GRE® Mock Tests and Lessons

AdmitEDGE’s decades of experience in guiding students in GRE has resulted in excellent, effective, and highly curated lessons and tests.
Here's a specially designed Trial Pack that you can take up in our sophisticated learning platform called the Learning Tracker. This pack contains:
  • Free GRE Style Diagnostic Tests -  if you are curious to get a feel of the GRE test and know what kind of scores you are likely to get with your current level of preparation
  • GRE Verbal Lessons
    • Learn a few techniques to crack GRE Reading Comprehension
    • Learn a few techniques to crack GRE Text Completions and Sentence Equivalence questions types
  • GRE Quant Lessons
    • Learn concepts for the Quantitative Section of GRE
    • The pack covers a few topics in Geometry and Applied Maths
  • Free GRE Style Mock Tests (GSTs) - check if you are ready with the kind of speed and accuracy required to ace the GRE. The mock tests are as per the new format.
Overall, you get 200+ GRE practice questions free: 100+ GRE Verbal Reasoning questions and 100+ GRE Quantitative Reasoning questions.
Get on the launch pad and give a resounding thrust to your GRE test preparation online!

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