Admission Awareness Evaluation

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1.Which admission season are you applying for?*

2.Which stage of application process are you in?*

3.Have you taken the GRE?*

4.Have you taken TOEFL?*

5.What range of university ranking are you targeting?*

6.Which of the following universities don’t need GRE for any of their courses?*

7.How many different types of essays does Virginia Tech need?*

8.What are the number of words required by UT Arlington in their SOP?*

9.What is the minimum number of LORs required by UTD?*

10.What is the minimum IELTS score required by Stanford?*

11.When are the financial documents needed for university applications?*

12.What is the application fees for University of Texas, Dallas?*

13.How much does a public university cost, in the US, on an average?*

14.Which of these universities need a video essay for one of their courses?*

15.Which of these options give you highest funding?*

16.What is the time taken for obtaining your TOEFL score report?*

17.What is the average time period taken for your GRE score to reach the university?*

18.Which type of visa is required to do higher education in US?*

19.For successful visa, which type of expenses should an Affidavit of Support cover?*

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