A quick prep program to get you ready for TOEFL in just 15 days!

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Brief Overview of Combo TOEFL

What is Combo TOEFL?

Get extensive practice and expert support with a personal trainer for your TOEFL® preparation, packed into just 15 days!

Who should enroll for Combo TOEFL?

Recommended for students & working professionals who are:

  • Confident about TOEFL® but require extensive practice
  • Seeking speedy assistance before the exam.

Ideal for students who have completed GRE® and are giving TOEFL® soon.

How Can Combo TOEFL Help You

A Personal Trainer Just For You
Behind every successful athlete is a dedicated coach. Similarly, at AdmitEDGE, you get expert assistance at every step of your preparation, including a detailed report on your performance & feedback to help you improve.
AdmitEDGE Code of Practice
Did you know that practice also requires a specific strategy to attain perfection? After years of training, we have perfected the ideal practice schedule that you should follow with carefully chosen exercises of various difficulty levels.
Personalized Reviews For Speaking
Did you know that most students find the speaking section to be the hardest? While most coaching classes only teach you how to speak, at AdmitEDGE, we also evaluate your speaking skills by analyzing your sample recordings
Expert Evaluation For Writing
Taking TOEFL is a little different than taking the GRE. When you enroll with AdmitEDGE for TOEFL, we not only help you with necessary materials and practice, we also do a word-by-word evaluation and feedback of your essays!

Program Details

A Personal TOEFL SFA
Study Plan tailored for you
3 Reading Mastery Practice
3 Listening Mastery Practice
3 Independent Speaking Practice
3 Independent Writing Practice
3 Integrated Writing Practice
Audio Support for Speaking Section
1 Personalized Speaking Evaluation
1 Personalized Writing Evaluation
Expert Doubt Clarification
List of Idioms and Phrases
Checklists for Self Evaluation



Given your GRE? Thinking about TOEFL? Worried about admissions? Wrap up your preparation in less than a fortnight and get started on your applications. Get speedy but effective guidance for every aspect of your TOEFL in just 15 days.

Handcrafted Study Plan For You

Scoring well in TOEFL requires a good grasp on important aspects of English such as grammar, pronunciation, sentence structures, etc. Get a handcrafted study plan that suits your learning style and helps you gain total mastery!

Say Goodbye To Doubts

Have a doubt you can't shake away? Your personal trainer is just a click away! Using our unique learning interface, you raise doubts anytime. Whether you have 20 or 200, your trainer will answer them all in one working day

Closely Simulated Full Length Tests

Get a feel of the actual TOEFL right at home! Just like GRE, our smart interface allows you to take full length TOEFL style tests for thorough understanding and application of whatever you learn. The test also estimates your best possible score you can get.

Expert Checklist for Self-Evaluation

We know that days leading up to the exam is always stressful! That's why we offer personalized expert checklists so that you can evaluate yourself against it and know exactly what you should revise and which sections you should be careful about.

List of Idioms & Phrases

Have you heard of the phrase - to drive up the wall? While that phrase may seem random to us, it is quite natural to native American speakers. To help you get in sync with their lingo, we also give you an exhaustive list of common idioms & phrases used!

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