A comprehensive study program that provides everything you need to get a great score in GRE & IELTS in just 60 days.

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Brief Overview of Rapid GRE+IELTS

What is Rapid GRE+IELTS?

This fast paced prep program will help you learn and master all concepts — from fundamentals to advanced — in a short span of time. Prepare better and reach a good GRE & IELTS score in just 60 days.

Who should enroll for Rapid GRE+ IELTS?

Rapid GRE+IELTS works best for students & working professionals who:

  • Want to prepare for GRE& IELTS from start to finish efficiently.
  • Are fast-learners who are looking for a smart prep plan.
  • Are giving their GRE & IELTS within the next 2-3 months.

How Can Rapid GRE+IELTS Help You

Prepare Quickly But Correctly
Not enough time in a day to prepare for GRE? Rapid GRE helps you master fundamentals & advanced concepts in GRE quickly but correctly under the personal guidance of our experts, who create a flexible study plan just for you.
Expert Guidance at Every Step
Never feel alone during your GRE preparation. Once you enroll, you will get two personal trainers called SFAs for Quant & Verbal exclusively, to plan your study schedule, clarify doubts & provide regular feedback!
Essential & Advanced Lessons
Speeding up your prep does not mean skipping chapters. After analyzing your skills, your SFAs give you all-round training with essential fundamentals for your weaker areas & advanced practice for your stronger areas!
Planned Practice Schedule For A High Score
Throughout your prep, you will follow a strategic combination of untimed tests, sectional tests & GRE style tests. Spaced at appropriate intervals, this schedule will help you develop a strong hold over important GRE concepts.


60 Days Validity
Essential Lessons & Practice
2 Personal GRE Trainers ( Verbal & Quant)
1 Personal IELTS Trainer+ A team of Speaking Experts
GRE Style Tests (Verbal) -6
GRE Style Tests (Quant) - 6
Minimum 120 Hours of Practice
Advanced Lessons & Practice
WordBot - Full Access
GRE Full Length Tests - 3
IBT (Intelligent Band-Readiness Test) for IELTS

What More We Offer

Unlimited Doubt Clarification

If you have nagging doubts during preparation, we can help! Our simple 'Ask A Doubt' feature built into every question lets you raise doubts to your SFAs directly. Whether you have 20 doubts or 200, your SFAs will clarify it all within a single working day! For more immediate assistance, you can also check our database of previously solved doubts called 'Insta-Doubt'.

Real Time Progress Report

Would you feel more motivated if you could see how far you've come along in real time? With our superior progress tracking technology, you can get continuous, real-time reports depending on the number of lessons, modules or sessions you complete. Compare your performance against those who have achieved your target GRE scores to know where you stand accurately.

Dedicated Student Welfare Team

Preparing for GRE is one part of giving GRE. There are various non-academic but necessary tasks to complete such as booking a GRE date, getting the right university codes to send your scores etc. Our dedicated student welfare team ensures you have no hiccups in giving your GRE & beyond!

Full Access to WordBot

If you haven't already started using WordBot for learning words, then you ought to! With more than 3000 GRE words, the WordBot helps you not just learn but remember words by relating each and every word to a memorable picture. What's more, you can also learn it's usage, it's synonyms and pronunciation all in one place.


Whether you're a student or working professional, time to prepare for GRE is when you can find it! That's why, we have ensured you can access your program from any computer, smart phone, or tablet with just basic internet connection. Prepare for your GRE anytime, anywhere.

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