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Ask any GRE aspirant, what's the one concern they have & the answer is always GRE Verbal. However, with the right preparation strategies, scoring a 160+ in GRE Verbal is definitely possible. This eBook carries those expert techniques that have helped over 36,000+ students to crack Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence & Reading Comprehension, whether you're a beginner or at the end of your GRE preparation!

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Almost every GRE aspirant find the verbal section daunting because of its long & boring RC passages & sophisticated words. Are you wondering if there is an easier way to solve this?
While there may not be a simple shortcut, this eBook can be the ideal kick starter you will need. In this eBook, you will get:
1) Fun tips to learn GRE Verbal
2) Techniques to master GRE vocabulary
3) Quick preparation strategies for Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence exercises
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