MS - USA - 2024: Seven Steps to Top Admits

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To hold a Dream is Good. Especially the Positive, Empowering Dream that leads to a better life that best utilizes your skills, interests and aspirations. However, it isn’t enough to have a Dream. Reality takes a few more steps. In the case of MS in US, Seven Precisely. Seven Major, Significant Steps each requiring significant effort and each having its own special challenges, slippery floors and learning requirements. AdmitEDGE, over the last 15 years since 2008, first as GREedge and then as AdmitEDGE, has unmasked and uncovered these 7 steps and all the nuances and minute details involved in each step. In fact, making the Student, that is, You succeed is the most important thing each day.

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9 December 2023 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM IST

Fall 2024: 2-hour SoP workshop

Step by step plan for a

Successful Admit

Step by step plan for a

Successful Admit

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Admit: Purdue University, West Lafayette
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Admit: North Carolina State University
Admit: Pennsylvania State University
Admit: University of Southern California
Admit: Arizona State University
Admit: University of Illinois, Chicago
Admit: University of Illinois, Chicago
Admit: TAMU, College Station
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Admit : Lehigh University
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