Foundation English

The ultimate basecamp to help you level up your basic English for better scores in just 4 weeks!

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Brief Overview of Foundation English

Why should you sign up for Foundation English?

  • You find it difficult to read & understand complex paragraphs in a short time.
  • Writing an essay on different ideas & arguments is an uphill task for you.
  • Sentence equivalence & Text completion questions leave you without clues.

If you relate to these problems, then it is probably because you need strengthening of your basic English skills. Targeting a top GRE score with a weak foundation of the English language can be the right recipe for a disaster.

Here is where the Foundation English course comes in to improve your basics of English. All that you need to invest is 4 weeks, and of course a strong determination to give an edge to your English.

What is Foundation English Course?

Foundation English is a course designed by our most experienced Verbal trainers to help you develop your skills in English reading, writing, listening & speaking.

This course will also help you get a better grasp of English vocabulary & grammar. This in turn will help you solve Verbal reasoning questions faster & definitely help you score better in GRE Verbal.

How can Foundation English help you learn basic English faster?

Study plan by experienced Verbal Trainers
Completing this course will help you get past the fear of long-comprehensions & complex sentences. This study plan will also help you rebuild your English language skills from scratch.
Learn, Practice & Application methodology
Build up your English language skills with a cyclic preparation schedule. Learn different concepts & their applications by solving assignments and integrated activities assigned to you by your mentor.
Dedicated word-learning Application
Learn 600+ GRE words with the highly-rated android app, Wordbot. Get high priority wordlists & retain words for a longer period with the help of unique pictures associated with every GRE word.
Support of a personal mentor
Along with every other resource, get a personal trainer (Verbal SFA) to clear any doubts you come across during your training. Get their expert assistance at every step of your preparation to improve faster.

Program Details

40+ hours of Training
52 sessions of Practice & Application
Complete Reading / Writing guidance
Lessons on basic English Grammar
Support from your Personal SFA
Complete Wordbot Access
1-month validity




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