eClass Quant

A targeted live online prep program that helps you strengthen your Quant concepts.

₹ 12000

Brief Overview of eClass Quant

What is eClass Quant?

This online teaching-based program focuses on building your GRE Quant basics from scratch through a powerful combination of regular live online classes and expert guidance.

Who should enroll for eClass Quant?

Recommended for students & working professionals who:

  • Prefer to study in a classroom-like environment
  • Are weak in GRE Quant and unfamiliar with important concept/formulae.
  • Are looking for additional Quant practice.
  • Want dedicated practice to score a perfect 170 in Quant

How Can eClass Quant Help You

Expert Guidance At Every Step
Never feel alone in your quest for a high GRE score. Once you enroll, you will get two personal trainers (SFAs) for Quant & Verbal prep exclusively. They help you plan your study, clarify doubts & provide regular feedback.
Intensive Live Online Classes With Experts
Imagine studying for GRE from the comfort of your home with an expert teaching you important GRE concepts LIVE? With our live tutoring sessions, you can learn concepts, raise doubts & interact with your SFA easily!
Complete Access To Our Question Bank
With eClass Quant, you get full access to our entire list of 1500+ questions for Quant! This way, you get extensive practice to tackle a diverse set of questions of varying difficulty levels! Become a GRE expert in just 90 days!
Bonus Remedial Sessions For Extra Practice
If you're feeling confused with a particular topics, even after a live online class, don't worry! Your personal trainer will arrange extra remedial lessons for you to re-learn the cocnept and raise doubts to clarify it again! Can't get that in a class now, can you?

Program Details

90 Days Validity
Essential Lessons & Practice - Quant
Minimum 100 Hours of Practice
Personal Trainer for Quant
Live Online Classes
Video Lessons
GRE Style Tests (Quant) - 10
Full Length Tests - 1
Wordbot - Full Access

What More We Offer

Handcrafted Study Plan For You

Based on your diagnostic test, your personal trainer will provide you with a flexible study plan that accounts for three things - your strengths, your problem areas as well as the time you have before your GRE - so that you have the best chance to achieve your target score!

Unlimited Doubt Clarification

If nagging doubts about Text Completion or RC give you sleepless nights, we can help you. Whether you have 200 doubts or 20, your personal trainers (SFAs) will clarify it all within a single working day to ensure your learning remains uninterrupted!

Real Time Progress Report

Get continuous, real-time progress evaluation depending on the number of lessons, modules or sessions you complete. Compare your performance against those who have achieved your target GRE scores to know where you stand accurately.

Feedback For Every Question

If an expert could exactly tell you where you're going wrong & how you can do better, wouldn't that help you achieve your target score? Your Quant trainer analyzes how you answer every question using a unique tracking technology to tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve your target score!

Full Access to Wordbot

If you haven't already started using WordBot for learning words, then you ought to! With more than 3000 GRE words, the WordBot helps you not just learn but remember words by relating each and every word to a meomrable picture. What's more, you can also learn it's usage, it's synonyms and pronounciation all in one place.

Prepare Anytime. Anywhere.

Whether you're a student or working professional, time to prepare for GRE is when you can find it! That's why, we have ensured you can access your program from any computer, smart phone, or tablet with just basic internet connection. Prepare for your GRE anytime, anywhere.

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