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Brief Overview of Fast Track GRE

What is Fast Track GRE?

This quick prep program helps you start and finish your GRE preparation quickly! Get advanced lessons, mock tests, and personalized guidance from experts to finetune your preparation in the last weeks before the GRE exam!

Who should enroll for Fast Track GRE?

Fast Track GRE is designed to help students and working professionals who:

  • Are looking to prepare quickly with extensive practice.
  • Want a thorough revision of important concepts in the GRE syllabus.
  • Are giving their GRE in 30 days
  • Are you looking for real exam situation
For a high GRE score, you need to take a lot of GRE practice tests that accurately follows the actual GRE! These GRE practice tests cannot be just another practice test, instead they should be adpative. Thats what Fast track GRE offers. Taking GRE practice tests will help you analyze your strengths, your problem areas and how to finetune your preparation further.
Generally, there are two types of GRE Practice Tests that students take:

Book-Based Practice Tests

There are a lot of books that provide practice tests. This is usually found along with study materials with GRE at the end of the book. It can be sectional (GRE Math Practice test) or even a full GRE Practice Test. However, the biggest disadvantage with this type of GRE Practice Test is that it is not adaptive at all. This means that your final practice test score may not be close to your final score at all. You can use them for understanding a learnt session but not rely on them for real GRE practice.

Online GRE Practice Tests:

Similarly, a lot of online practice is available for free online but is not adaptive. Since GRE is a Timed Online Adaptive Test, it is paramount that the GRE Practice Tests that you take are also timed, fully adaptive and have authentic GRE-Style Questions. This will ensure that you know where you stand in terms of your conceptual understanding and time management skills. However, it is important to look for the accuracy of the Online GRE Practice Tests before taking it up.
AdmitEDGE brings you a smart assortment of GRE practice tests in the Learning Tracker App that simulates the real test environment. Plus, the personalized support from SFAs; thoughtfully designed to enhance your performance on the D-day (exam day).


There are a ton of free GRE practice tests out there offered from various coaching centers both online and as practice materials cum question banks, so why should you choose the online GRE practice test from AdmitEDGE?
Here is the answer,
Online Free GRE practice tests


Recommended for students who are deep into their preparation or need to quickly master important concepts & clarify doubts in time for their exam. Ideal for those who have their GRE in a month.

Learn Only What Is Necessary
Instead of bombarding you with a ton of topics, your SFAs will provide materials based on your weaknesses and strengths. Make the most of your time by focusing only on what is necessary for scoring high.
Highly Personalized Study Plan
To ensure you make the best use of your time, your SFAs create a personalized study plan for learning & practicing important GRE concepts as well as getting adequate practice!
Valuable Last Minute Tips Before GRE
Unlike most free GRE practice test and classes, your SFAs ensure you're absolutely GRE-ready by providing personalized feedback and last minute tips to cater to all of your GRE needs.
Closely Simulated GRE Questions
Your SFAs carefully study the recent trends & put together questions of various difficulty levels, so that your Online GRE practice tests closely simulate the standard of questions in the actual GRE.

Program Details

30 Days Validity
Advanced Practice
GRE Style Tests (Verbal) - 5
Full Length Tests - 3
WordBot - Full Access
Advanced Lessons
Minimum 75 Hours of Practice
GRE Style Tests (Quant) - 5
2 Personal Trainers (Verbal & Quant)


Not One, Two Personal Trainers

If you could find specific expert guidance for each and every topic in GRE, sitting right at home, would you score better? Your SFAs, one for Quant and Verbal, are assigned to you to help you prepare for GRE. They carefully analyze your learning patterns, clarify doubts and help you stay on track with your lessons!

Unlimited Doubt Clarification

If nagging doubts about Data Interpretation or RC give you sleepless nights, we can help you. Whether you have 200 doubts or 20, your SFAs will clarify it within a single working day to ensure your learning remains uninterrupted. For more immediate clarification, you can check our database of previously solved doubts.

Real Time Progress Report:

How motivated would you be to stay on schedule if you could track your study accurately? Our superior tracking technology provides real time performance reports depending on the lessons you complete. You can also compare your progress to others who have actually achieved your target GRE score.

Feedback For Every Question

If an expert could exactly tell you where you're going wrong & how you can do better, wouldn't that help you achieve your target score? Your Quant & Verbal trainers analyze how you answer every question using a unique tracking technology to tell you exactly what you need to do to better your performance.

Full Access to WordBot

If you haven't already started using WordBot for learning words, then you ought to! With more than 3000 GRE words, the WordBot helps you not just learn but remember words by relating each and every word to a meomrable picture. What's more, you can also learn it's usage, it's synonyms and pronounciation all in one place.


Whether you're a student or working professional, time to prepare for GRE is when you can find it! That's why, we have ensured you can access your program through the Learning Tracker App from any computer or tablet with just a basic internet connection. Prepare for your GRE anytime, anywhere.

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