Complete GRE Plus

An in-depth course that allows you to prepare for GRE in a relaxed and well-paced manner.

₹ 20000

Brief Overview of Complete GRE Plus

What is Complete GRE Plus?

This long term program is designed to help you get extensive expert guidance to help you prepare for GRE slowly but meticulously.

Who should enroll for Complete GRE Plus?

Recommended for students who:

  • Want to prepare for GRE without the pressure of looming exam dates.
  • Cannot allocate more than an hour for GRE preparation.
  • Are targeting top admits from prestigious universities!
  • Are in their 2nd year of study.

How Can Complete GRE Plus Help You

Expert Guidance At Every Step
Never feel alone during your GRE preparation. Once you enroll, you will get two personal trainers called SFAs for Quant & Verbal exclusively, to plan your study schedule, clarify doubts & provide regular feedback!
Learn, Practice & Master - One Day At A Time
Whether you are an early planner, a methodical learner or if you just have limited time in a day, Complete GRE Plus helps you complete your lessons one day at a time and prepare for GRE comfortably without the rush.
Complete Access To Our Question Bank
Did you know that we have 3000+ questions for Quant & Verbal? Divided into essential & advanced questions, you get holistic practice across various difficulty levels along with expert explanation for every question.
Unlimited Doubt Clarification By Your SFAs
Don't worry about nagging doubts that give you sleepless nights! You can raise doubts from whichever question you're on using our 'Ask A Doubt' feature & your SFAs will clarify it all within a single working day!

Program Details

270 days validity
Essential lessons and practice
Minimum 250 hours of practice
Advanced lessons and practice
GRE style test Verbal - 10
GRE style test Quant - 10
Full length tests - 4
2 Personal Trainers (Verbal & Quant)
WordBot full Access

What More We Offer

Unique LPF Method For A High Score

Our confidence in helping you achieve a better GRE score comes from a unique, proven training method called LPF. Developed by IIT-IISc alumni, it stands for Learn, Practice & Feedback. As soon as you learn a particular topic, you immediately get a practice test on that topic. Your SFAs then carefully analyze your performance & give feedback on how you can improve.

Handcrafted Study Plan For You

Based on your diagnostic test, your SFAs will provide a flexible study plan that accounts for three things - your strengths & weaknesses, your target score as well as the amount of time you have to prepare before your GRE. This way, you don't have to waste your time planning your study everyday or worry about whether it's right for you.

Real Time Progress Reports

Would you feel more motivated if you could see how far you've come along in real time? With our superior progress tracking technology, you can get continuous, real-time reports depending on the number of lessons, modules or sessions you complete. Compare your performance against those who have achieved your target GRE scores to know where you stand accurately.

One-On-One Feedback From Your SFA

If an expert could exactly tell you where you're going wrong & how you can do better, wouldn't that help you achieve your target score? Your Quant & Verbal trainers analyze how you answer every question using a unique tracking technology to tell you exactly what you need to do to better your performance.

Full Access To WordBot

If you haven't already started using WordBot for learning words, then you ought to! With more than 3000 GRE words, the WordBot helps you not just learn but remember words by relating each and every word to a memorable picture. What's more, you can also learn it's usage, it's synonyms and pronunciation all in one place.

Prepare For GRE - anytime, anywhere!

Whether you're a student or working professional, time to prepare for GRE is when you can find it! That's why, we have ensured you can access your program from any computer, smart phone, or tablet with just basic internet connection. Prepare for your GRE anytime, anywhere.

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