Essential GRE® RC Self-Study

A Quick, Online Self-Improvement Pack to develop confidence in answering the essential question types of GRE® Reading Comprehension (RC) by improving skills in reading and verbal reasoning in just about 8 hours of study time.

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Overview of Essential GRE RC Self-Study

Tackling the Verbal Reasoning part of the GRE® can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to Reading Comprehension (RC). About half of the Verbal Reasoning Questions are all about testing your RC skills, making it a big deal for your GRE score. If you want to improve your GRE® score fast, working on your RC skills is the way to go.


Introducing Essential GRE® RC Self-Study, an online Self-Improvement Pack (SIP) from AdmitEDGE. This toolkit enhances reading speed, problem-solving, and verbal reasoning for GRE RC in a short time. Accessible via Learning Tracker, an app providing feedback and analytics for effective test prep.
AdmitEDGE RC units are developed with years of R&D and live testing with thousands of students who are preparing and practicing for the GRE® and have resulted in high scores and score-boosts.
So, if you're gearing up for the GRE, consider the Essential GRE® RC Self-Study. Boost your RC skills quickly and confidently—enroll now and see the difference.


Who Should Sign-up for the Essential GRE® RC SELF-STUDY?

Essential GRE® RC Self-Study is tailor-made for students and professionals who:

Aim to Boost Accuracy
  • If you're eager to enhance your accuracy in tackling the verbal section's reading comprehension questions on the GRE®.
Crave Quick Techniques:
  • If you're looking to pick up swift and effective techniques for cracking reading comprehension questions through consistent practice.
Facing a Tight Schedule:
  • Whether you're gearing up for your GRE® in a few days or have just kicked off your prep journey and find the Reading Comprehension section a bit daunting.

If any of these resonate with you, Essential GRE® RC Self-Study is here to help you level up. Enroll now and streamline your path to success in GRE®.

How Essential RC Self-Study can help you

The main objective of the Essential GRE RC Self-Study is to instill confidence in Reading Comprehension.

Improving Reading Speed
Analytical Reading Technique will help you immensely in improving your reading speed & comprehension for GRE RC
Improving Accuracy
GRE RC Question Solving Techniques taught in this program along with hands-on practice will help you gain confidence in cracking many of the RC question types including Main Idea, Purpose, and Critical Reasoning
Improving Verbal Reasoning
Detailed Explanations for each question and InstaDoubt feature in the Learning Tracker helps you build verbal reasoning skills
Building on your gaps in skills
Personalized Feedback for each review test from a Verbal SFA helps you to rapidly sharpen your reasoning and accuracy

Program Details

6 Online Learning Sessions with video lessons
6 Review Tests with 60 GRE style RC questions
Detailed Explanations for each question
Personalized Feedback for each review test
Access to InstaDoubt
30 days Validity

What More We Offer

Real Time Progress Reports

Would you feel more motivated if you could see how far you've come along in real time? With our superior progress tracking technology, you can get continuous, real-time reports depending on the number of lessons, modules or sessions you complete. Compare your performance against those who have achieved your target GRE scores to know where you stand accurately.

Prepare For GRE - anytime, anywhere!

Whether you're a student or a working professional, we understand that finding time to prepare for the GRE® can be a challenge. That's why we've made sure you can access your program from any computer, smartphone, or tablet with just a basic internet connection. Get ready for your GRE® whenever and wherever it suits you.

More online Self-Improvement Packs

After completing this unit, you can explore other online Self-Improvement Packs (SIPs) from AdmitEDGE for improving your skills in other areas of GRE® such as Advanced RC, Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence, Quantitative Reasoning, Speed and Time Management. You can choose SIPs flexibly as per your test-prep requirements.

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