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SOP Samples

What is a SOP?

A Statement of Purpose is a personal statement that tells admissions officers “who” you are and “ what” personal and professional interests and experiences you have had thus far. It will further include your career path to date and what your future plans might look like. This is one of the most important parts of your application process when applying for various types of graduate schools that are within your control. It is your chance to make a virtual first impression on the admissions committee to make yourself stand out among the other applicants with similar academic backgrounds and how you can bring added value to the academic institution.

Where & Why is a SOP required?
  1. Which kind of study abroad programs ask for a statement of purpose?
    A statement of purpose is required as part of the application pack for mainly Undergraduate programs, Graduate school, MBA schools, PhD programs, MS (Master of Science for Engineering) programs among others. SOP samples and how you can write one are given below.
  2. Why are they required and what questions should they answer?
    An admissions committee for any graduate or post graduate school is looking for information that will tell them some more about the candidate other than what is reflected in grades, transcripts, academic background and work experiences. The SOP substitutes a personal or face to face interaction with the admissions committee and allows your uniqueness to reveal itself. The chances of admission are highly enhanced with a well thought and written statement of Purpose.
  3. Why are they required and what questions should they answer?
    An admissions committee for any graduate or post graduate school is looking for information that will tell them some more about the candidate other than what is reflected in grades, transcripts, academic background and work experiences. The SOP substitutes a personal or face to face interaction with the admissions committee and allows your uniqueness to reveal itself. The chances of admission are highly enhanced with a well thought and written statement of Purpose.

The specific questions that the SOP should cover are “who” you are and “what” you have done so far academically and professionally. It also should cover an element of “where” you want to go in the future. This information while staying similar for all school statements of purpose, will need to be refined based not only the type of program being applied for but also taking into account any country specific requirements.

Specific study abroad statement of purpose samples are cited below.

Writing a SOP:

The standard format for writing a SOP is usually in paragraph form and follows the general rules on writing essays. The font can be any but font size is a maximum of 12 point font, double spaced and normal margins. Some study abroad statements of purpose samples can illustrate this below.

A standard school statement of purpose should not extend beyond 850-1100 words and this would take up approximately 1.5 pages. Being a formal letter, it is recommended not to use any color text or images and keep the font color as black. An ideal SOP would be split into 5-7 paragraphs with approximately 120-150 words per paragraph. Broadly the SOP would be divided into an introduction, body and Conclusion.

In addition to good writing skills, a well written SOP would need an authentic description of what you can uniquely bring to the academic institution that you are applying to. The admissions committee would want to get an idea of your future goals as well as anecdotal evidence of your past successes and failures. Keeping to a centralized theme will bring out the most important aspects of your academic background and work experiences and how it ties in with the particular grad school credo and your future aspirations.

Vocabulary, punctuation and spelling must always be checked. Writing, editing and rewriting is a must, preferably at least 1-2 drafts before a final version is written.

Some statement of purpose sample essays can be found below to give you an idea of what it should look like. Below is a checklist that can be used to draft a SOP. Being able to put it into a narrative story will allow the admissions committee to learn more about you and your story.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Why are you passionate about your chosen field?
  • A short story about your background or any experience in this field.
  • Any academic background in the chosen field.
  • Additional coursework or classes taken.
  • Any experience being coached or mentored by some professors that impacted you.
  • Activities in the field of you interest which are outside of the curriculum.
  • White papers, publications or other presentations in your chosen field
  • Add any experience that details voluntary service and leadership opportunities while in college.
  • Rationale for having chosen the specific grad school/country to pursue further education. (college facilities, vision, credo , professors)
  • Any other Special features of the program and the university, which attract you personally and why.
  • Conclude with how it would impact you and your future goals as well as benefit the institution if you were admitted into the program.

Graduate School sample SOP

The field of Engineering has always appealed to my intellect and creativity and I was fascinated by the multiple disciplines which are interlinked and which together pave way for potential innovations. Gradually discovering my keenness for the field of Mechanical Engineering, I commenced my journey in the stream. Then, as a student of Mechanical Engineering, I was introduced to the wonderful field of Industrial engineering during my internship at Case New Holland Industrial (CNHI). I immediately realized it to be my calling. Researching more about the field, I discovered its vast scope in the areas of Architectural Engineering, Industrial Production, Logistics, and Quality Control. I then promptly made up my mind to carve a niche for myself in this area for which I need to gain an extensive knowledge of the field. I thus wish to pursue my Master’s in Industrial Engineering from your esteemed University.

Being an inquisitive and observant person by nature, I was always curious about the mechanism or the evolution of a product. This explains my early interest in Mechanical Engineering and the reason to pursue this subject as my undergraduate major. I am grateful for having made that choice as it has provided me with a very strong foundation for learning and helped me in becoming a multi-skilled professional. The theory and laboratory courses that I enjoyed during my undergraduate studies include Operations research, Unconventional machining processes, Manufacturing machines, metal cutting, and tool design, Probability and Statistics, Machine Design, Manufacturing techniques, and Engineering Mechanics. The fact that I secured consistently high grades (Grade A/A+) in a number of subjects such as Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods and Optimization, Probability and statistics, Finite Element Method, Industrial Internship Evaluation, Major Project evaluation, Manufacturing Machines, and Automobile Engineering helped boost my self-confidence and validated my career choice.

In addition to the theory and practical courses, I also completed a number of live projects which allowed me to apply the knowledge learned so far to resolve real-world issues. One of the crucial projects that I was a part of was ‘Refreshable Braille Display.' Braille is a system of raised dots that facilitates blind people to read with their fingers while their aids who are not visually impaired can also read it normally. It is not just a language but is also a code in which most languages can be written and read, and which is helping the visually impaired to attain literacy. Our project was focused on implementing a completely new technology for developing a Refreshable Braille Display for easy access to information and to help connect the visually impaired people globally through digitalization. We also decided to make it cost effective. The display is incorporated by a technology by improvising the dot matrix printer mechanism. Pinheads of the dot matrix printers are used for lifting Braille dots with the help of linear actuators. This project helped me gain an in-depth perspective into the challenges involved in innovating and in the practical implementation of an idea and taught me to work efficiently in a team.

Among other things, my internship at CNHI is a milestone in my academic session so far and I would like to mention it here. I interned at CNHI for a duration of seven weeks in their Manufacturing unit, during which I worked on a project titled “Solving Defects on Line using Kaizen Management System and World Class Manufacturing Methodology”. Here, I learned about the various processes that take place in an Industry along with the essential policies that are pivotal in the working of a company. An overview of the end-to-end functioning of the manufacturing process from the procurement of raw materials to the final product was provided. This greatly helped in enhancing my knowledge of the working of a manufacturing industry and I was able to understand the systems, the technology and approach of any manufacturing unit better. It was during this time that I had made up my mind to pursue my higher studies in Industrial Engineering as it piqued my interest to a great extent and strengthened my resolve to make a difference to the quality of the manufacturing processes.

Another crucial internship was at Air India Engineering Services Ltd. for a duration of four weeks which though not a part of the curriculum, I underwent to learn about the industry. During this time, I was assigned to the Jet shop for a period of three weeks while the remaining one week was spent in the Accessories shop where I observed and reported on each of the departments that were involved in the re-hauling of an aircraft engine. I visited several departments including the wheel shop, brake shop, test rig, final assembly/engine hardware etc., which further helped me to understand the functioning of various departments. My internship thus helped me gain a holistic view of the end to end working of the airline manufacturing industry.

Though keen on my academics, I took time for other activities that helped me to grow as a person. I never missed an opportunity to mentor my peers and juniors which led me to appreciate others point of view and evolve as a leader and also as an empathetic person. I realized that in order to mentor someone, we always had to find new ways to keep them interested and encourage them to contribute to the learning. In addition to this, I am involved with an NGO, Rhythm of Life, which involves reaching out to underprivileged children and facilitates learning in the outdoors. The purpose of this program is to use activity-based teaching to help students explore and take interest in subjects and extra-curricular activities. Being able to make a difference, albeit in a minor way, and perhaps improve the quality of life for these children is a fulfilling experience for me.

With a master's program from a reputed university, I will be able to realize my professional goals of working with an industrial unit and contribute effectively to improving the processes and techniques used therein. Aware of your challenging study programs and excellent faculty I wish to pursue my masters from your University and believe that I will be able to add significant value to the master's program. I thus look forward eagerly to being a member of your intellectual academic community.

MBA School sample SOP

“An investment in knowledge pays the best investment.”

-- Benjamin Franklin

The business world is a curious concoction of opportunities as well as risks. Globalization and technological progress is widening the market before individual business entities; on the other hand, one also witnesses the volatility in the system because of what may be the lack of foresight in terms of intelligent management of markets and resources. I was drawn to a close personal study of the vagaries of the business world while fulfilling my role of an IT application development professional serving IBM’s clients from the financial industry. As I dwelled deeper to understand the business environment in financial markets, I began to visualize a career for myself in this field. One of the things that I identified early was my need for insights into the fundamentals of financial and risk management. My search for a comprehensive and effective program led me to the MBA program in Finance and it is now my intention to pursue a strong foundation for my intended career.

My engineering undergraduate studies had a tremendous positive impact on my skills of problem solving and mathematical modeling. After joining IBM’s information technology business, I completed several internal training in the areas of Java, J2EE spring, and Salesforce. They covered sessions on functional and technical tracks of Salesforce.com, SOSL, SOQL, and the SalesForce Security model. Equipped with these skills, I gained extensive experience in Apex Programming, VF pages, Triggers, Workflows, Page Layouts, Roles, Profiles, and Reports and Dashboards.

Over the nine years of my tenure in the IT industry, I built a wide range of skills for use in different industry verticals. These included the skills of analysis, design, development, customization, and implementation of Java/J2ee applications. I also built my abilities of database management, object oriented programming, and software engineering. These experiences prepared me to function effectively in project management roles; I executed software development projects for major clients in the telecom, energy and utilities, and transportation industries. I could also closely observe the dynamics of financial markets and form a plan to pursue my career in it.

My growth as a proactive professional and leader is largely a result of my extracurricular involvements. My pursuit of the sports of badminton and football had helped me learn to work effectively within a team environment from an early age. After realizing the efficacy of yoga in helping one maintain one’s health as well as poise under all circumstances, I began to participate in yoga camps. As I began to meet and interact with people as part of these pursuits, I began to gain insights into the aspects of human behavior including motivation and conflict resolution. These helped me immensely while interacting with clients and leading my teams in work projects. Moreover, during my academic study as well as work at IBM, I have associated with individuals from different regions of the world including India, USA, and Ireland. These allowed me to closely observe their perspectives about life and profession and inculcate those that I found to suit my goals. I look forward to similar enriching experiences during the MS program.

During the MBA program in Finance from …………, I seek to improve my knowledge and insights into the different aspects of business management including marketing, strategy, operations, and general management, besides finance. Of special interest to me are the techniques for micromanagement of the industry. I believe that the University’s curriculum will help me develop as a well-rounded manager who understands the requirements of business organizations. After completion of the program, I plan to begin work in a management position in a financial institution. With the experience that I gained over the years, I seek to open a consultancy providing similar services to small and medium size companies across industries.

With these aspirations, I look forward to being a member of your academic community from next fall with full financial aid.

PhD sample SOP

Research and innovation in the field of alternative energy sources is gearing up in recent times. With the inevitable truth of fossil fuels being exhausted in some hundred years and the rising menace of man-made pollution has made alternative energy our next peak of conquest. Corporations and governments all around the globe are investing on research in this domain in order to come up with economical and practical energy solutions for people. In the process, a number of opportunities have been thrown open for scholars and professionals to contribute to the developments in the domain.

As a trained student in embedded design and power electronics & drives, I am familiar with the technologies involved in electric vehicles, battery science and their applications. 4 years of work experience in the research and development in Electrical & Automation division, Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai has also sensitized me with the application of engineering concepts in commercial processes. However, I wish to extend my horizons in the ever evolving field of alternative energy, with focus on power electronics and electric vehicles. I intend to pursue a PhD program at the in application of power electronics for hybrid electric vehicles or renewable energy based applications. It will be a significant step in my career as it will provide me with international exposure, introduce me to new challenges and strengthen my domain knowledge.

I had a keen interest in mathematics and science during school. I also had an inquisitive nature and interest to know about functioning and science behind various phenomena and devices. I gave shape to my childhood fascination for science by enrolling in a bachelor’s program in applied science in electrical engineering. My inquisitive nature and interest to know about functioning and science behind various phenomenon and devices was also a factor behind enrolling to the engineering program.

The curriculum in the undergraduate program was designed well which provided me with a strong background in various concepts of electronics and electrical engineering. Subjects such as Mathematics, Power systems, Control systems, Basics of microcontroller, Power Quality and Drives were my favorite. Among all Power Quality and Drives actually introduced me to the real world applications. I learnt the practical aspects of the subjects in lab courses such as Introduction to microcontrollers, Power system labs, and Control systems lab. Coding microcontrollers initiated my attention for machine coding where I could make machines perform desired activities through lines of code. Deep interest and dedication in academics helped me secure 3rd rank in the entire course during the undergraduate program.

Fascinated by robotics and a keen interest in developing algorithms, I designed a Smart Wheelchair as part of the final year thesis project. The project involved application of both software and hardware concepts and smart algorithms. The rationale behind the project was to ease the lives of many physically challenged people by introducing control and navigational intelligence into the traditional wheelchair mechanisms. It was a learning experience for me through teamwork and handling project deadlines.

I continued to learn about microcontrollers and power electronics by enrolling in a master’s program. Specialization in the topics helped me acquire in depth knowledge in embedded systems and power electronics. I maintained my good academic record even in the master’s program and managed to secure 2nd rank in the class at the end of the program.

While still in college, I interned at Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. My experience as an intern at Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. familiarized me with the commercial application of technology. The internship let me learn about the real life application of engineering concepts into commercial production.

My professional experience involves working in different departments such as design and troubleshooting along with the R&D. I worked on a number of projects including fast fault detection in LV system, Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) and Solar Lantern for rural applications. Having studied the concepts of embedded design in college, it has helped me in algorithm development at my workplace.

Research is a very important aspect of innovation and scientific development in any field. I believe that students can become true masters in their domain with dedicated research. During my academic and professional career I had the opportunity to work on some research papers. During my master’s program, I got a research paper published on "Disturbance Immune DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion System", IEEE International conference on Power, Energy and Control (ICPEC), Dindigul, India. I also have patent applications for ‘HF noise based detection methodology for series arcs’. Being a part of the R&D department in L&T, I have patent applications for ‘Novel techniques based on Newton Raphson and regression for early fault detection in LV system’ and ‘HF noise based detection methodology for series arcs.’

Besides academia, I also possess strong sports, managerial and social skills. I have participated and won marathons in various categories. I have also been deeply interested in managing events, which led me to work as a core member of the managerial committee in the university festival.I have worked single handedly in various assignments during my master’s project, which was greatly appreciated by my mentors and other faculties. Also, during my time at L&T, I managed the project from its scratch starting from the extensive patent study to the development of the prototype for the same. Since the project was in its nascent stage when I started, a lot of initial research was done to understand the concept.

I have also grown as a person and learnt to understand perspectives of different people from my experiences. My active involvement in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for educating underprivileged children and conducting health and hygiene lectures has fuelled my desire to address social problems faced by the underprivileged. I have also led a team of 10 volunteers for teaching Mathematics and English to the community children. I had also mentored a child with the organization "Mentor me India" for a year.

Academic activities and professional experiences in embedded systems and power electronics have only strengthened by ambition to keep learning in this domain. As I intend to work in organizations that deal in research and innovation of products for renewable energy solutions, I will need to equip myself with the latest knowledge in the domain. For the purpose, I intend to pursue a PhD program in electrical engineering specializing in electric vehicle technology or renewable integration through wind or solar energy from the . The superior laboratory facilities, research groups and expert faculty at the university will be a great source of knowledge and guidance for me to extend my academic career.

I have always been serious about my academics and have loved learning about concepts in-depth. I sincerely believe that I am well equipped to pursue a PhD program. In the past few years, I have learnt to interact with different people and bring the best out of situations. This will help me coordinate properly with research colleagues and professors to achieve my academic commitments.

MS in US sample SOP

A burning curiosity to explore and learn the inner functioning of a system and a strong passion for learning are the qualities that define me as an engineer. I have grabbed every available opportunity to broaden my skill-set and become better at what I do, and I consider graduate studies as an excellent opportunity to advance my knowledge to the next level. My aim is to complete the MS program in Embedded System and become an expert in the cutting edge technologies of the field. Today, embedded systems have not only become ubiquitous but are also becoming smarter and more interconnected with each passing day. I am keen to delve deeper into this field and build a strong skill-set that would help me thrive as a professional Embedded Systems developer.Right from my school days, I have been keen on gaining a thorough understanding of subjects and concepts and this enabled me to perform well in academics and build a strong academic record. Mathematics has always been my forte and working on solving complex problems is a task that I relish immensely. Considering my aptitude for math and skill at analytical problem solving, pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering came as a natural extension of my interests.

During my undergraduate program in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I was introduced to C and C++ program and was pleased to learn that it involved a lot of logical thinking much like math. Learning about Microprocessors and Microcontrollers gave me a clear understanding of the concepts of computer architecture. And, performing complex computing calculations with Digital Signal Processing and MATLAB was both challenging and exciting. The course on Digital System Design gave me knowledge of how to create and design logic circuits, which was highly interesting, and the course on Computer Architecture Organization taught me about the organization of modern computers, which was quite insightful. Overall, the well-designed undergraduate curriculum provided me with strong technical knowledge which I am sure would serve me well during graduate studies.

My final year thesis project was on Home Automation using PIC microcontroller with DTMF control. The project consisted of various systems: Person Counting System, Temperature controlling system, and Auto light System. The entire system was connected to the DTMF module via phone, through which we could control each of these devices remotely. The project was an enriching experience not just in technical implementation but also in collaborative work and time management. In another project, just to hone my programming skills, I designed an auto fee system using C. I also completed industrial training in PIC microcontroller and ARM which well-complemented the knowledge I gained from my coursework.

Since graduating, I have worked with two major organizations: Tech Mahindra- an IT Services, Outsourcing and IT Consulting Company- and FIS Global Business Solutions, which works with major banks in the USA. The projects and training that I have completed with these companies have offered a great learning curve, getting me acquainted with a number of the latest software tools and technologies. I have also been able to grow as a programmer and I am now skilled at multiple languages. One of the most interesting projects that I worked on was a Bus Base Ticketing portal which can register the user and book tickets for a particular destination. My role as a Software Engineer was to monitor the servers proactively and identify the root cause of incidents and problems. My work with these organizations has also served to enhance my leadership and time management skills and has also made me more confident in my own abilities.

As a person with a wide range of interests, I participated in various extracurricular activities during school and college which helped me grow as a well-rounded person. Over the last few years, I have also discovered my passion for adventure which has taken me to new places and has brought me in contact with people from various backgrounds. Likewise, I have been active in corporate social life annual camps wherein we bring in underprivileged children from our society for an office visit. Interacting with them has helped me develop a better understanding of their lives and hardships and I have learnt to listen and empathize. I aspire to build on these qualities in the coming years and tread the entrepreneurial path in the future, establishing my own embedded systems development firm.

Your graduate program would provide me an ideal platform to explore my creativity and broaden my skill-set in the domain of embedded system, thereby laying a strong foundation for my dreams. I hope my candidature proves worthy of your academic standards and earns me an opportunity to further develop my knowledge.

MS in Canada sample SOP

In the ever-advancing world where machines are being made to automate the mundane tasks of life, Artificial Intelligence has played a pivotal role. Mankind is at a technological crossroads that would have been unthinkable a couple decades ago. I intend to be at the forefront of developments in this field and view the graduate study as an essential first step towards this goal.

I developed my interest in computers at the tender age of 7 when I have gifted a Personal Computer. By the end of my high school, I had become well-versed with every Microsoft tool. Later, my undergraduate studies bolstered the concepts of Data Structures, Computer Networks, Algorithms and especially Machine Learning, which rendered me a wide base of knowledge that would prove highly beneficial in my career. However, I accredit my inclination towards Artificial Intelligence to the subject of Robotics that I studied during the third year of my college. A discipline that combines all the knowledge gained from pursuing computer science for baccalaureate studies, Robotics has never failed to fascinate me and my deep interest in this subject is the foundation stone of my zeal to pursue MS in Statistical Machine Learning under CS Department.

In the course of my bachelor’s in Computer Science & Engineering from PES Institute of Technology (VTU), I completed several projects that rendered robust experiential learning. My first project entailed the use of Convolution Neural Network (CNN) for vehicle detection in low-resolution traffic videos. Lasting over 12 weeks, I used MATLAB and Python to assess the superiority of CNN by feeding images from a rather low-quality traffic camera that are characterized by low SNR and thereby investigating the performance of CNN in detection and classification of vehicles in these images. I gained substantial exposure to the domain of image processing and learned how to make use of deep learning techniques. In the second project, I further explored the image processing domain and this time applied the technologies of Python3, tensor-flow 1.0, Numpy, and OpenCV 3 for Real-Time Object Detection. I thoroughly studied the paper published by Joseph Redmon, Santosh Divvala, Ross Girshick, and Ali Farhadi before using You Only Look Once (YOLO) system for detecting objects on the Pascal VOC 2012 dataset which can detect anything from a bird to a bottle on the dining table. However, unlike the traditional approach, I applied a single neural network to the full image. This network divides the image into regions and predicts bounding boxes and probabilities for each region. These bounding boxes are weighted by the predicted probabilities, helping significantly in accurate detection. This project introduced me to Tensor Flow and provided hands-on experience in parallel processing and image processing.

I also worked on a project involving Document Reuse in a Student Network. I made use of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, PHP, and Information Retrieval Techniques for devising and designing an efficient web application for student document management system that can be used for the benefit of faculty and students alike. I applied two approaches to detect plagiarism; one with File to file copy detection through byte by byte or hash comparison, and by using Information Retrieval operations of Normalization, Tokenization, and if-idf calculation. I have also contributed to Swachh Bharat mission through my work by studying the variation in garbage levels and types in a particular area, taking videos of Garbage Broken into Images at each frame and used 3-D modeling for images using Cuda software.

I performed equally well in all my subjects but the subjects that intrigued me the most were Data Structures, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Network Security, Advanced Computer Networks, Discrete Mathematics and Logic, and Theory of Computation. Being a pragmatic individual, I considered practical learning through labs of utmost importance and secured highest grades in Operating Systems Lab, Data Structures Lab, Machine Learning Lab, and Digital Design and Computer Organization LAB. Apart from academics, I have been known by my peers for devoting equal time and efforts to my co-curricular activities. I’m an avid reader of fiction novels, have an undying interest in Cricket and Table Tennis and indulge greatly in E-sports as well.

Interested in gaining real-world experience, I worked at CCBD, PES INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY as a Research Intern. My tasks involved using the Cassandra database for identifying major thread pools in a given cluster and architecture and increasing the quality of service by regularly monitoring them. I was appreciated by my peers and managers for the work performed which was in a stage that it could be published as a Technical Paper. This internship lasted for the whole 2016.

The world is moving fast towards Artificial Intelligence it is a field of massive opportunities. A master’s in Statistical Machine Learning under CS Department from the University of Alberta will not only open doors to various paths but will also enable me to build my own ways to success. I aspire to deploy my skillset as a Machine Learning Engineer at the top companies such as Boston Dynamics, Tesla, and Google, and use my significantly widened knowledge base to pursue a Doctorate in AI at a later stage and, probably post MBA, launch my own company to design and create Artificially Intelligent machines to serve the best interests of my workforce, their families, as well as local community and the society at large. And for all of this to come true, I believe there is no place better than the University of Alberta to provide me the superior skills, experience, and expertise. I greatly admire your expert faculty like Jonathan Schaeffer, specialized in AI and Martin Müller who works in the area of ‘Understanding and improving Monte Carlo Tree Search’ and ‘Exploration and sampling in RL’. It would also be very exciting to join the Medical Informatics Group as they are involved in a wide range of projects, in collaboration with many teams of medical researchers/clinicians, to produce systems that effectively learn classifiers that make accurate predictions about future patients.

The state-of-the-art infrastructure and vibrant scholastic community at the University of Alberta will help me to reach my potential. Thus, I am eager to be a part of your diverse student body and contribute to your university’s legacy.

MS in Germany sample SOP

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person AVOIDS it. Computer science has played an important role in the development of the world we live in by solving age-long problems, finding ways to avoid them and spearheading the invention of vital instruments such as the internet, robotics surgery, computers, and microprocessors, all of which are practical in our daily lives and interactions. From a very young age, I always knew that I was destined for a career in Computer Science since I was introduced to computers by my 5th Grade and became proficient in basic coding by my 8th as I have always been a quick thinker and learner. My desire to understand the reasoning behind computer programs coupled with inspiration from an elder cousin, my only brother who is also a Software Architect, led to my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He, along with my supportive parents, had inspired me to take up this course of study as they knew my passion for it. Since I have completed this first inductive step successfully which is a result of my hard work and persistence, I would like to heighten my knowledge of Computer Science concepts and their practicality in all important sectors such as ecology and conservation, medicine, entertainment, and business. I am confident that a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Systems, a significant module in the field of Computer Science, will equip me with the relevant knowledge of implementing computer concepts to create inventive software or appliances that aim at improving the quality of life for the general world population. The course module and the electives for the Master’s degree in Computer Science-at the Technical University of Berlin match my career prospects perfectly and thus, is the only institution I am applying to, for this subject.

My undergraduate degree has laid a solid foundation for a postgraduate degree in Information and Communication Systems by exposing me to core computer subjects and laboratory courses such as Communication Engineering and Coding Theory, Data Structures and Algorithms, Formal Language and Automata Theory, Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Operating Systems, and Network Security. These subjects have given me a basis to understand theoretical fundamentals and progressive technological developments while also introducing me to Data Science and AI principles. The laboratory courses, however, gave me a chance to prove the practicality of theoretical coursework while exploring my creativity without any limitations. I also participated in College Tech Fests and coding competitions to enhance my coding skills.

For my undergraduate thesis project, I, along with a team, created an online shopping cart with the aim of developing a system that keeps track and secures clients’ purchases, allows e-commerce businesses to easily organize their sales, and to generally improve the online shopping experience. Other than coding, which was the main implementation of the project, I analyzed the necessary system, functional, and requirement specifications through ERD Diagrams, DFDs and Use-Cases comparisons. It was a great learning experience since the e-commerce platform was made from scratch and in the process, I gained significant knowledge of Advanced Java, HTML, Apache Tomcat Server, Adobe Dreamweaver, and MySQL and acquired solid technical and time management skills along with team player abilities.

To obtain the relevant professional tutelage, have a first-hand approach to industrial processes, and network with fellow students, I, along with a team, have completed an Industrial Training program through my college where I built a reservation system for airline tickets. The project allows travelers to easily access and compare air prices and flight availability in a single platform leading to advanced booking without the hassle of dealing directly with airlines. I developed the website application through .NET and in the process, I advanced my understanding of the same while further honing my communication skills as it requires substantial social engagements.

To acquire a personalized feel of the job market, progress my career, and contribute to the development of my specialization area, I have been working at Cerner, a leading healthcare IT expert, as a Software Engineer. I am extensively involved in creating software remedies in the health sector while carrying out research and updates, some of which have been submitted to the DevCon, an internal technical event within the company. Most importantly, it was here that I got an opportunity to work on Siemens legacy products after Cerner acquired the Healthcare-IT sector of Siemens in India. I have also worked along with peers from different provinces of India having diverse cultural background and learnt a lot from them. All in all, it has been an ideal work environment as I get to challenge myself on a daily basis and develop my management, coding, and soft skills, all of which will be useful in the course of my postgraduate degree.

Away from school, training, and work, I devote my spare time to extracurricular activities and social responsibilities. I enjoy reading books, recitation, listening to music, watching movies, and participating in elocution competitions. Likewise, I am an avid sports enthusiast with a passion for swimming, badminton and carrom. Other than drawing, I am also fluent in Hindi, Bengali, and currently learning German for better communication. Additionally, I served as a Scout during my school days where I actively visited retirement homes, orphanages, planted trees, and taught children in informal settlements. In college, I was a member of NSS where I took part in environmental restoration activities such as cleaning of streets and volunteered in an event for the First-Hand Foundation which is a Cerner based NGO and offers financial assistance to less fortunate children who need medical care. Besides giving financial donations to various charitable causes, I am an activist for fair animal treatment and avidly take part in offering medical assistance to abandoned or injured ones within my reach. I have learned to give back to society and will continue to do so in different capacities.

Germany is becoming a growing hub for IT now. Some of the innovative companies in Berlin are Hackerbay, PTScientists, Here, Morressier, Deepstreamhub, Rocket Internet, Ada Health(Healthcare IT). The major players are SAP, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle. The graduate program at your university will provide me with ample scopes for research or professional experience in Germany. During the graduate program,I want most of my work to focus on the betterment of the human race without compromising on the environmental elements.

I believe that a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin will instill in me the technical skills needed to create personalized solutions to complex issues regarding the provision of basic amenities of life for all. I am particularly interested in the rigorous curriculum that offers electives such as Cognitive Systems, Media Technology, Human-Machine Interaction, and Distributed Systems and Networks. Moreover, working with experts in the field like Dr. Klaus-Robert Müllerand Dr. Manfred Opper will enhance my understanding of the field as their research interests, that is, Theoretical Computer Science, aligns with mine. Such an experience will undoubtedly help me gain knowledge of the latest research practices and thus develop myself into a top professional in the field. I look forward to joining your reputable institution for an unmatched learning experience. I am confident that in return, I can make a perennial contribution to your institution.

MS in Australia sample SOP

Artificial Intelligence has been a bone of contention in the eyes of the scientific community, dividing people with its widespread advantages and debatable ethics. When IBM’s Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov in a six-game match, the popularity of AI exploded, and its momentum has only increased. Over the years, Artificial intelligence has introduced possibilities in myriad fields which were hitherto unthinkable. It has tremendous potential to improve the efficiency, cost, and ease of human tasks. This versatile utility is my motivation for seeking a Master’s degree in Computer Science (MMATH).After school, I was enrolled in a B.Tech Information Technology, where I was first introduced to AI in my ‘Design and Analysis of Algorithms’ class. My interest was immediately piqued, and I started researching on the topic. One search led to another and soon I found myself immersed in the subject with a burning thirst to know more. I enrolled myself in various online courses to study AI in greater depth. Business Intelligence was another fascinating subject as it taught us how to convert innovative ideas into business potential. My involvement in learning the subjects translated into the academic performance as I secured good marks in all my exams. I also enjoyed my lab courses since they provided us with experience in real-world applications of our theoretical studies.

I strongly believe that engineers are among those responsible for solving the problems that are plaguing the world. One such issue is the conservation of electricity. Wastage of electricity occurs on a day to day basis due to the negligence of people, and it is our responsibility to conserve it. In order to tackle this problem, I and my team devised a control process with an embedded system at its core that would monitor and control the appliances. Using IoT networks, this system was equipped to control the activation of appliances based on an audio input by the user. After the input was received, it would be processed using several complex operations. The nature of the voice command would dictate the type of process to be implemented. This system eventually became our final year project and was appreciated by my professors.

Another major problem that exists in India is the utter disregard for the cleanliness of rivers. In particular, ‘holy’ rivers such as The Ganges are often the most polluted as they witness the most desecration by the public. In order to solve this issue, my university formed a project team comprising of members from all departments. We devised various processes such as aerial monitoring of water pollution, conveyor belt based object retriever, conversion of debris flowers into incense sticks etc. I played a significant role in the creation of these processes and also helped in the development of a cloud-based specialized private server.

During my undergrad, I also designed a Home Temperature and Humidity measurement system using Embedded C. This gave rich experience in working with hardware and helped me assimilate other platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

One of the greatest health care problems in rural India is that the cost of healthcare and the monetary power of the rural population are poles apart. India lives in her villages. This effectively means that a major part of my country does not receive adequate healthcare. I wanted to tackle at least a small fraction of the problem, which happened to be retinal examinations. I researched extensively and came up with an idea for a Head Mount Device, which could effectively replace the ophthalmoscope, the device used for photographing retinal fundus. If implemented, it could effectively reduce the cost of retinal examinations and treatments. With the implementation of deep learning on these photographs could help to detect multiple diseases including cardiovascular diseases. I also utilized the Windows IOT framework to help suggest recommendations to the patients on their smartphones and even provide detailed reports to multiple doctors simultaneously. The research paper was selected to be published in an IEEE journal.

One of my passions is the scarcely explored subject of missions in outer space. One sector I was very interested in was the establishment of data centers in outer space. I believed in the relevance of the idea due to our predictions of eventually being compelled to look for alternate resources in outer space through mining. I compiled my facts, ideas and theories in a paper titled ‘Lunar based Dark Data Centre’ and presented it at the DRDO sponsored National Conference.

Along with my academics in college, I took extra efforts to increase my real-world industry knowledge by attending a number of internships. The one at National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) helped me gain knowledge about the working and implementation of microprocessors. The internship at U.N.I.Q Technologies taught me about the diverse applications of Android platforms. I also visited NextGen Datacentres, where I gathered valuable inputs about data centers and their processes. The visit to BSNL Chennai opened my eyes to the technology involved in telecommunications. I am currently interning at Stigmata Technologies, where I am getting hands-on experience of the implementation of AI in real-world applications. These experiences of observing and working with seasoned industrial professionals have played a huge role in my technical development.

Apart from my academic and professional aspirations, I am also active in sports. I have been the captain of my school basketball team. I was also appointed Treasurer of the IET ON-Campus Chennai Chapter in my university. I was one of the executive members and helped organize various events. These leadership experiences have taught me a lot about managing people. Throughout my academic career, I have been fortunate in being able to meet people from different regions of India. Knowing them and adapting to them has changed my perspectives on life and humbled me. I was also involved in helping out my friends with clarification of doubts and concepts. These experiences have molded my character and given shape to the person I am today. After my Masters, I envision myself as a researcher or scientist in a reputed firm. I would love to express my ideas and skills in the development of AI with features that mimic human emotions. I strongly believe that artificial intelligence should be developed and implemented only with a strong moral basis behind it. AI without morals and ethics will become an unmitigated disaster. I would like to contribute new ideas and theories with respect to this aspect of Artificial Intelligence. In the long term, after completing my Ph.D., I aim to establish educational centers throughout rural India with an AI-based system to impart free education. I believe that Artificial Intelligence must be used to alleviate the problems faced by the rural population, who cannot afford the basic necessities in healthcare, electricity, and food. It is my earnest goal to research and contribute to the development and implementation of AI along these lines.

I am confident that the Master of Science program in Computer Science offered at the University of Melbourne- Parkville Campus will lay the perfect foundation for me to achieve my career goals. The computer science department here is well distinguished throughout the world. The advanced course-work and reputed faculty along with the state-of-of-the-art research facilities will help me in enhancing my understanding of the field to a great extent. Professors such as Justin Zobel and Rui Zhang are all very reputed in the domain and it will be a pleasure to be guided by them.It would also be an immense opportunity if allowed to become a part of the activities organized by the various student communities and clubs such at your institute.I hope that my passion for computer science, thirst for knowledge, commitment to the society and enterprising spirit make me a suitable candidate for your university. I strongly believe that your updated curriculum, accomplished professors, state of the art laboratory equipment and progressive environment will ensure my growth on a personal and professional level.

MS in UK sample SOP

Since the beginning of my Master’s degree in Economics at the Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy, I have felt that straightforward solutions to complex problems offered by the classical and neoclassical schools of thought correspond to but a fraction of reality, rather serving the purpose of setting a base for further understanding. Curiosity towards the world coupled with a willingness to dig deeper made me interested in studying further and motivated me to read about different schools of thought which eventually spurred me to apply for a doctorate degree in Economics after completing my graduate degree.I have always harbored an intention to understand the workings of the society in which we live, in order to solve problems within my capacity. It is thus my ambition to pursue a doctorate in Economics, for I have come to understand it as being the optimum path to gaining enough knowledge to do so. What has motivated me to choose Behavioral Economics is that it studies various economic theories without the presumption that all human beings are rational in their actions. I am very interested in studying Economics and human behavior from this standpoint as it appears to best explain any real-world scenario. I also feel that understanding a general pattern in human behavior in different scenarios and societies may help us find out why people act in certain ways in specific situations. This would enable me to better understand and possibly mitigate the opposition to economically sound policies that can be seen in different parts of the world.

I was first exposed to Economics while pursuing my undergraduate studies in Commerce where I had three papers of basic Economics which taught me concepts such as utility, demand and supply, international trade etc. I was immediately fascinated by the simple yet elegant way in which they explained everything from the daily goings on, to their macroeconomic implications on the economy. It was clear to me then, on what I wanted to learn, study, and possibly pursue as a career for the rest of my life. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, I took a year’s break to study certain concepts in Economics that would make me eligible to apply for a Master's program. During this time I studied multivariate calculus, matrix algebra, consumer choice, aggregate demand and aggregate supply, and a few other concepts which helped me to pursue the Masters of Arts in Economics program offered by the Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy (MSEPP). I also earned a bachelor’s degree in Hindustani classical vocal from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, one of the premier institutions in the study of Indian classical art forms.

During my graduate course, I was taught many new concepts and a newer and more relevant interpretation of concepts that I had already learned. While Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Maths gave me an idea of how to technically analyze social problems, Development Economics and Public Economics enlightened me on how these theories manifest themselves in terms of public policy outcomes. A study of the mechanics through which people arrive at their preferred consumption bundle, Walras’ Tatonnement process, the fundamental theorems of social welfare, and game theory left me in awe as they eloquently analyzed and formalized the workings of the human mind which takes the myriad economic and social constraints into account before making a decision that maximizes utility. Through concepts such as IS-LM, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, and the Inverse relationship between unemployment and inflation, I was able to learn the workings of the Government, the Central Bank, and other organizations at the national level which gave me a broader understanding of the economy as a whole.

By the end of the third semester of my graduate course, I started working on my dissertation in the Aviation sector in India. The topic assigned to me was “Impact of Air Traffic Control on Revenue Generation by Airline Carriers in India”. The paper was divided into two parts; Part one contained a study of the variance in the operating revenues generated by five of the most operated airline carriers in India namely, IndiGo, Jet Airways (India), Air India, Go Air and SpiceJet through their operations in four of the ten busiest airports in the country namely, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. My objective here was to determine whether there is a significant difference in the operating revenues generated by the five chosen airline carriers through their operations in the four chosen airports. The null hypothesis being that there is. The second part of the paper dealt with estimating the losses in operating revenues that the carriers would have to face in a hypothetical scenario of an Air Traffic Control strike of one day, in any or all of the four selected airports.

I used the two-factor ANOVA (Without replication) to analyze the variance in the operating revenues generated by the chosen airline carriers through their operations in the selected airports. I was successful in rejecting the Null Hypothesis H0 in favor of the Alternate Hypothesis H1.

After estimating the extent of losses that the airline carriers would have to face, the paper concluded with two key recommendations which could mitigate the possibility of an ATC strike namely, ‘Increase the number of Air Traffic Operators’ and ‘Privatize Air Traffic Control’.

After completing my graduate course in Economics, I worked as a Subject Matter Expert in Economics at ‘MRCC solutions’ for four months. My job entailed content creation in the form of drafting and creating e-learning modules which supplemented economics textbooks used at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the U.S. The textbooks were written by prominent authors in the subjects of Economics, Econometrics, and Statistics. It was challenging as I got the opportunity to augment my understanding of the aforementioned domains and their application in different scenarios.My overall experience thus far has cemented my desire to become a professor of economics and pursue a career in academia. To this effect, I have decided to earn a Doctorate in Microeconomics and Behavioral economics. However, my intention is to learn more about the diverse schools of thought therein, before I narrow down on my preferred area of research.

I, therefore, believe that pursuing a doctorate degree would enable me to learn more, develop my intellect, and also create a solid foundation for my future in academia. Towards this goal, I have chosen to apply for the Ph.D. program in Economics at the University of Warwick, as this institution has always had an outstanding academic reputation and the program I have opted for offers comprehensive courses in the field of Economics conducted by experienced and reputed scholars. The university’s integrated MResPh.D. program is specifically designed for students who wish to build a career in academia and thus, would be a perfect fit for me. Moreover, being one of the very few universities where research on Microeconomics is conducted, choosing to pursue my doctorate at your university was a straight-forward decision. Coming to the curriculum, I am particularly interested in focusing on courses such as Behavioral Economics, Econometrics, Political Economy, Public Economics, and Microeconomics.

I am certain that pursuing this course at the University of Warwick would prepare me well for a future where I could contribute positively to society. I firmly believe that I will be able to do well in the program. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to being a part of your scholastic community.

Do's & Dont's of a Statement of Purpose:


  • Good essays take time to write. Do take time out and start early for this part of the application.
  • Do Stay honest, consistent and specific.
  • Attention to detail, your SOP should be thoroughly checked for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Let your personality and individuality show in your SOP. Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness. Provide insights on your aspirations, goals, passions, what motivates you and demonstrate your commitment to your chosen field.
  • Take the opportunity to detail anything anecdotaly that relates to your application and what personally/professionally impacted you.
  • Do get someone else to read through your statement and get a few different opinions.
  • Be prepared to write a few drafts, edit it and re-write ensuring it is well written, follow sthe guidelines and within the prescribed wordcount.
  • Follow the standard formatting guidelines with reference to font, type and size and ensure you have multiple back ups and copies of your statement of purpose.
  • Do keep your SOP your own, unique and which brings out the best version of yourself. Admissions committees evaluate these from a ethical and well written statement of purpose viewpoint.
  • Do look at some of the SOP samples below to get an idea on how it should look.


  • The statement of purpose is a very important part of your application kit. Don’t underestimate its importance in tipping the scales towards successful chances of admission.
  • A good essay needs time. Keep in mind not to underestimate the time it will take to write your statement of purpose.
  • While you can get guidance from online resources and professionals don’t have someone else write it for you. Not only from an ethical standpoint but also only you can portray sincerely the best image of yourself.
  • Don’t list all academic grades and work related achievements on your SOP. This will be part of your CV/resume and transcripts.
  • Stay away from providing unnecessary details. The statement of purpose should be clear and coherent.
  • Don’t make a generic personal statement using the SOP samples online as they would need to be personalized for each one of the different schools/colleges you are applying for.

FAQ’s about SOP samples:

Q1. Is it ok to go over or under your prescribed word count to accommodate all the information?

Word limits are an important component which we must consider while writing our statement of purpose. The admissions committee has limited time to consider your application while evaluating a large number of students applying for the same course and college within the timelines. Validating such a large number of applicants on the basis of their complete applications is a time consuming process. It is advisable to consider sticking within the word count limit as set by the university. If no guidelines were prescribed, the ideal word limit for a school statement of purpose would be between 800–1100 words. If there is a lot of information to be shared, it is recommended to edit it well and trim the SOP within the word limit. On the converse, if enough information is unavailable, focus on future goals and industry trends backed by verifiable data to come up with a well written statement of purpose that can highly increase your chances of admission. Some SOP sample essays are available in the xxxxx section of the website.

Q2. Can I send the same SOP to all colleges as part of my application?

The short answer would be yes, as colleges may ask for similar prompts or questions on a statement of purpose. However, it would be important to remain mindful that each SOP would need to be tailor made to suit the college being applied to. Using your writing skills to not keep it too generic but rather to personalize it and bring out your uniqueness while still answering the prompts. There are specific SOP samples for Masters and other fields of study being applied for available in xxxxx section of the website.

Q3. Do all colleges require an SOP?

Yes, most if not all colleges will ask for statement of purpose to be included along with your application. The SOP allows the admissions committee to get to know the person behind the grades/transcripts. Really about who you are . About your personality, what inspires you and what you aspire to be, your interests, what you stand for and future goals which are not visible in the other parts of your application kit. Click here to look at various SOP sample essays.

Q4. What is the difference between a SOP and a personal statement?

There is significant crossover between between a statement of purpose and a personal statement, but there are subtle differences too. A statement of purpose documents your research skills and work/academic experience, volunteer assignments and reasons for choosing the particular program. A personal statement, goes more into detail about the path and the experiences that shaped and propelled you towards your chosen field. Other indirect significant experiences and aspects of your life which may be related or unrelated to to your field that demonstrate your character and potential makes up your personal statement. Look for our study abroad statement of purpose samples in xxxxx section of the website.

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