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How COVID19 affects your dream for MS abroad?

The MS Crystal ball- What the future holds

Taking your GRE® NOW could be the one action where years later, you'll look back and feel you took the right decision.

Wait! We have actual reasons to say that, and by the end of the piece, you'll see them too.

As the world licks its wounds from the wrath of a virus gone wild, the only ticker that everyone’s watching is the one that shows the numbers of Corona cases mounting. However, what comes after the lockdown is lifted is feared to be even more daunting.

According to economists, managers, and even ministers and Presidents, the global economy will SHRINK and not GROW due to the pandemic. This condition is called recession.

We all know that the growth of nations and individual people is inseparably tied with economy. During the last 30 years, there have been only a period of about 2-3 years, of a recession phase in the global economy and Indian Economy and that too never in one continuous stretch. There were several months of recession or slowdown on multiple occasions - such as - early 1993, mid 1998, late 2001, late 2008 and early 2009. Alarmingly, the upcoming phase of unemployment and negative growth is expected to last 1-2 years.


The current climate of confusion is bound to leave you thinking-

  • What is the status of Fall 2020?
  • How have the MS hotspots reacted to covid 19?
  • What the future will hold.
  • Is targeting Fall 2021 the best option?
  • What should you do in the meantime?

Confusion and conjecture, it's time to meet the Crystal Ball.

In the interest of being on the front foot, it seems prudent to clarify that any hope of making it to Fall 2020 looks bleak, with universities firmly closed down and deferring admits to Fall 2021.

With the United States witnessing a staggering million+ COVID cases, it is expected that the country will stay firmly shut in lockdown atleast until Mid May. However, the American Federal Government has been swift in its response to the upcoming economic landslide and jobless rate of 16%, pumping Trillions of Dollars into the economy as loans and grants and announcing a 60 day ban on immigration targeting new green card applicants. These numbers don't make for a happy picture right now, but not for nothing is the US the largest economy in the world. The US is widely predicted to see a rapid recovery due to

Factors like-

  1. Urgency in restarting the economy- The surest sign of their commitment to saving their economy has been the 60 day immigration ban on new green card applications. It is important to note that the ban DOES not apply to F1 Student Visa or H1B VISAs, which means that viability of the US as an MS destination is still intact post COVID-19.
  2. Legal obligation- The United States unlike several nations is legally bound to provide social and financial security to unemployed citizens who have paid 2 year’s worth of taxes. The mounting unemployment rate will therefore cost the Federal reserves dearly, catalysing rapid response to resurrect the job sector. And the cornerstone of this employment enterprise?
  3. The Rise of the manufacturing sector- As the trade war between China and the US intensifies, the US is expected to decentralize Manufacturing away from China through driving Manufacturing in its own mainland and its allies, thus boosting its global trade network and ending the unemployment factor in one stroke.

While immediate resumption of economic normalcy is unlikely, a gradual economic growth is expected as a function of the US taking steps to establish itself as a Manufacturing powerhouse rivalling China around 2022/ 23. As relationships with China head downhill, inevitably, experts expect a global polarization into 2 political divisions, with a democratic capitalist alliance formed around the US involving India, and a Socialist coalition starring China. Naturally, India is expected to form closer bonds with the US, and WHY this is relevant to your MS dreams is discussed down below.

……….But first, enough Politics. What’s my career Plan B with 2020 ruled out? You may ask.

In the current state of affairs, the average MS student is spoiled for choices as to their next move. He/ she could-

  1. Stay back at home
  2. Suspend the MS Plan and go job hunting in a recession economy -one with fewer jobs and more layoffs.
  3. Immediately begin preparation for their next MS opportunity- Fall 2021.

Full marks to you if you agree with us on Option 3 being the no-brainer on what next to do in this COVID climate. With the unemployment rate predicted to be high,it is a logical move to stay safe ensconced in the walls of a top MS university, arming yourself to face the future.

And what a future it promises to be. With the US expected to promote manufacturing on an unprecedented scale, by 2022/ 23( right when you step out of graduate school), opportunities in fields like Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Manufacturing Sciences, Computer Science, Software development and AI are likely to abound. India’s predicted stronger political relationship with the US means that the possibility of Indian students (contrary to popular opinion) receiving increased academic and employment opportunities in the post-pandemic market is higher

Where do all these dots connect and lead to?
One inevitable conclusion- Fall 2021.

You committing to making sure that when Fall 2021 admissions open, you're’ ahead of the curve.
And what do you do in the meantime to get there?

Step 1. Take your GRE® now. With the abundance of time and a plethora of online resources to choose from, there’s no better time than NOW to ace the GRE®. (Click here to register for our free mock test). Taking note of the Corona climate, ETS has also removed social isolation as a deterrent, releasing GRE® at home and the IELTS® Indicator( click here for our blog on GRE® at home)
Care for a blow by blow account of GRE® at Home? (click here for a free recording of Mr. Uday’s personal experience of GRE-at-home).

Step2. How best to differentiate yourself from the increased peer competition caused by the influx of Fall 2020 deferred students?

Our answer- Build your profile NOW. Use your time wisely through focusing on your academics, employment, undertaking online courses, programs, workshops, and competitive exams. When the dust clears, and the universities open to a whole new world of graduate candidature, you'll be the first in line.

But...only if you start with your GRE® prep now, when you have the time.

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Aaaaaand...to clear the air further, we’ve brought you our answers to the most pressing questions asked by some of you, regarding Fall and Spring 2021 in this period of confusion.

For a person who's GREENCARD is due in a year at max. , Would it increase/decrease their chances of getting in the top Universities?

Greencard is not a factor in obtaining admission in top universities. We recommend focusing on building your profile through relevant employment, online courses, and workshops to enhance your chances of getting a top admit.

I choose the USA because I was told that Canada is academic-focused. If I get some clarity on this from you guys, that would be great.

Canada is weaker than the US as far as the industry and diversity of fields for research are concerned. We highly recommend choosing the US as your destination for project-focused and research-focused ambitions.

After Donald trumps decision of temporary stopping immigration from outside countries how much will it impact admissions in fall/spring 2021

We don't expect President Trump’s 60 day ban to have any impact on admissions in the Fall and Spring of 2021. As a student, you’’ll be availing the F-1 VISA, or B-2 Tourist VISAs which can then lead to an F1 Visa Extension through OPT when your program ends. You may also avail the H-1B Visa. All of these are non-immigrant VISAs and not affected by President Trump’s ban.

Is it too late to give GRE® in June for spring 2021 USA considering the corona situation in USA?

Absolutely NOT. We strongly recommend giving your GRE® Exam in June! What’s more, you can now do it from the comfort of your own home with GRE® at Home! Here is a blog on a personal experience with GRE® at Home. For a comprehensive outlook on GRE® Preparation, visit this link

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