328 in 60 Days | Ananya's Study Plan for a High Score

Are you targeting a 320+ score?

Want to know a way by which you can achieve it in just 2 months?

That too, spending just 1–2 hours everyday?

Meet 328 Scorer, Ananya, a working professional for an IT consultancy firm, who could barely spend any time during the weekdays for her GRE preparation.

In fact, she says,
"Time crunch was my biggest challenge during the preparation phase. I have no fixed work schedule as such. There were days when I had to work at office for 13–14 hours at a stretch and would be too enervated by the end of the day to focus on GRE preparation."

So, how did she manage to overcome her GRE difficulties when she wasn't able to spend enough time to fix them!

Join Ananya, in an exclusive seminar where she shares:
  • Important topics that can yield a perfect score in Quant.
  • Proven techniques to build your vocabulary and remember words for a long time.
  • Secrets to cracking tough RC passages, including daily tips.
  • Time management tricks to spend your time as efficiently as possible.

& much more!

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