MS Admissions: Somya's Journey to Harvard, Princeton, & Oxford

Harvard. The dream university of many. One among them was Somya Bajaj, who managed to secure not one, but three extraordinary admits. Wondering how?

With a 333 in GRE & a exclusive profile Somya has achieved the dream of many!

Somya took up GRE the first time and got a score of 310, a score most people are satisfied with. Somya adorned the armor once more to score a 333 in just 45 days. Despite being a working professional, we structured a clear and concise plan so that her GRE preparations did not come at crossroads with her official work.

She was steadfast and focused and managed to clinch admits from Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia University. Catch her decode her strategies and share her story and tips on the exclusive guest webinar.

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