IELTS 2017: Top Speaking Topics & How to Approach Them

With all the factors being evaluated such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Coherence, and much more, Speaking section from IELTS can be a nerve-wracking experience for many.

As they say, "50% of the war is won in the warroom even before the war begins and not on the battlefield."

Similarly, understanding the Speaking Section, dissecting the types of questions, and preparing yourself for the most common topics are the first steps towards winning a 7.5+ band score in Speaking.

That's why in this video, we will discuss:
1. The different tasks within a Speaking Section, including questions like "What is a Long Turn?"
2. Most Common Speaking Topics for 2017 to help you prepare.
3. Detailed answers along with explanation and review on how to address these tasks.

Sounds like a session you wouldn't want to miss?

Hope you find it helpful!

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