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GRE Eligibility

Candidates aspiring to pursue masters abroad must satisfy the GRE® eligibility criteria for the institutes and universities to which they are applying to. It is the duty of the student to check if the university requires GRE® scores or not as per their eligibility criteria for admission.

The GRE® General Test or Graduate Record Examination General Test is a standardized test which is conducted by ETS. Many graduate schools, including most in the US and Canada, use this test as a part of their selection criteria. The GRE® test is available across the globe in 160 countries.

A common query amongst the aspirants is who can take the GRE? Am I eligible for writing the GRE® Exam? Let us look at the GRE® exam eligibility and the cost of taking this exam.

GRE<sup>®</sup> Eligibility, GRE<sup>®</sup> Requirements, GRE<sup>®</sup> General Details

GRE® Eligibility for 2019

Only if the university accepts the GRE® 2019 exam score, should they proceed with the registration process.

GRE® Exam SpecificationsParticular Details
GRE® EligibilityNo specific GRE® test eligibility criteria to pursue master's degree
Test TypeGRE® General Test
Test Duration3 hours and 45 minutes
Test SectionsVerbal Reasoning; Quantitative Reasoning; Analytical Writing
Test Scores rangeQuant:130-170; Verbal: 130-170; AWA:1-6
Cost of GRE$205

More Details on GRE® 2019 Eligibility criteria

  1. ETS has set no particular eligibility criteria for the GRE® exam.
  2. There are no restrictions on age or qualifications of the candidate appearing for the GRE®.
  3. You would have to produce an identity proof when appearing for the GRE® exam.
  4. In India, the original passport is the only document accepted as a valid proof of identity.
  5. The program you apply for, and the university or institute that offers the program would have their own eligibility criteria for offering admission.
  6. These criteria may include factors such as a minimum age, experience, and qualification other than the qualifying score in the GRE® exam.

ID Requirement

  1. When registering for the GRE® general test, you should make sure that the first and last name entered in the form matches the name on your official ID – i.e. passport for Indian citizens.
  2. Only the first and last names will be checked. Using your middle name or initial is not a requirement.
  3. If your name does not match the ID, or if you cannot produce the ID as you have been granted political asylum, are a refugee or for any other reason – you should write to TSReturns@ets.org at least a week before registering for GRE®. You should not apply for the exam until you get a go-ahead from ETS.
  4. The ID presented at the test venue should:
    1. Be an original document – photocopies or digital copies will not be accepted
    2. Be valid – expired documents are not considered valid proof of identity
    3. Have the first and last name exactly as used for registering for the test
    4. Include a recent photograph
    5. Include your signature on the document.
  5. ID verification process at the test center may have the following steps:
    1. Bio-metric and photo identification
    2. Fingerprinting or thumb printing
    3. Videotaping
    4. Comparison of signatures.

GRE® Test Price

  1. In India, the cost of registration for the GRE® exam is set at US$205
  2. At the current exchange rate, this translates to ₹14,287
  3. The test fee for rescheduling your GRE® test date is US$50.

To register for the GRE® test, visit the registration portal at the ETS website.

GRE® does not impose any form of constraint-based on age, educational qualification, etc. on the aspirant. The candidates are free from any restrictions if they want to appear for the GRE® exam. The universities might have specific requirements that need to be met else the application can end up being rejected.

Grad Schools have their own Eligibility Requirements

Whilst GRE® exam doesn’t have any eligibility requirement, some of the top schools do have stringent requirements in terms of courses to be completed by the students, GPA requirement and GRE® scores. This is because the best of the Grad schools in the world want to take in brilliant students only. This is the very reason, it is important to look into finer details of the application of every college by all the college aspirants. At times, LOR & SOP can also make a difference when you are short of the required score or GPA. The exam aspirants should check whether the University they intend to join accepts GRE® 2019 scores or not.

Final Words

It is a human notion that everything that is free is of no value & any exam with no stringent eligibility is an easy one to crack! Don’t fall into this physic trap and assume that the GRE® exam is easy to score. It is as tough as any other competitive exam in the world! Also, do remember that this exam is all about Percentile & not Percentage! The motto is to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills of the student and provide him/her with more opportunities to hone his/her skills.

Now that you know you are already eligible for your GRE®, why not check out the registration checklist that you must follow?

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